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Directors: Hans Pool [Director] ,

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Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World explores the promise of open source investigation, taking viewers inside the exclusive world of the "citizen investigative journalist" collective known as Bellingcat. In cases ranging from the MH17 disaster to the poisoning of a Russian spy in the United Kingdom, the Bellingcat team's quest for truth will shed light on the fight for journalistic integrity in the era of fake news and alternative facts.


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Absolute Garbage

Bellingcat is a garbage propaganda organization designed to disseminate false information on behalf of the US imperialist government. In the NYT news article, they describe the skills of the chief editor as being derived form "playing video games." I am actually not joking. The only people that would find this "documentary" entertaining are the most poorly informed and unintelligent among us. Skip this garbage and watch a real documentary instead, like recent Exterminate All The Brutes series.

Manufacturing consent for U.S. imperialism

Bellingcat is an organization funded by the U.S. state department to manufacture consent for the American imperialism of endless wars and regime change interventions.The Grayzone has done excellent investigative journalism on Bellingcat's function as a propaganda outlet for the Pentagon.

Nerds rule

Don't let any of Putin's agitprop anti-reviews put you off. I laugh at how incompetent the reconstituted KGB is. I laugh at how I once saw the USSR as a necessary bulwark against the US. Putin is just another two-bit thug.
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