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3.4 / 10 
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Directors: Paul Rapp [Director] ,

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Narrated by Ron Gans. Extreme sports meets midnight movie with a film that showcases wild surfing and skateboarding madness. Awesome surfing footage with Larry Bertleman and skateboarding with Tony Alva. Lots of "shooting the curl!" Some of these surfers look like they're falling 25 feet straight down a cliff of water, but they stay on the board and have a thrilling ride. Incredible wipe-out footage! Intermixed with high-action surf and skate sequences the participants discuss why they do it and how it feels, looks and sounds. There's footage from the Hang Ten American Pro Surfing Championship and an explanation of the scoring system. Terrific footage from the Ventura, California 1975 skateboard championships. Footage from the Women's International Surfing championships. With their low-riding bikinis you see some butt crack footage. Surfing during Malibu's September swell of 1975. Footage from Hawaii, Japan, California, French Riviera. There's a mid-70s guitar rock soundtrack which is...


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I saw it when it first came out, I own the movie, I love it, I recommend it!!

Paul Rapp is an amazing cinematographer. I am a bodysurfer (had three sequences in the movie) and I got to watch him at his work at Pipeline and off the wall on Oahu. He captures the essence of the participants experience, whether it be surfing, hang gliding, skateboarding, cliff jumping, bodysurfing, snow skying. It is a classic. Every time I watch it it takes me back to the 1970/1980s when many of the sports that are mainstream now were in their infancy. I believe that "Go For It" became the one of template for future extreme sports documentaries. It is a great baseline to see how the sports have evolved and how the extreme sports filming industry has evolved. It is a movie that all outdoor sports enthusiasts will enjoy.

Thank you

Go For It was a love from my heart way before extreme games. It was a pioneer that inspired many copies including Dogtown. The title became part of the language. I worked on many important films but this one was a real challenge with camera work that was not yet invented. It still holds up many years later to entertain and enjoy. ABC Wide world asked me to show them how I did some shots. When I directed Fonzie jumping the shark in Happy Days I used the same techniques that I did with Go For It. I shot the shark jump in 16mm and blew it to 35mm. The music was a great deal of fun and I particularly liked the love ballad that was put over the hang gliding scene. It was my understanding that it got quite a few votes from the academy. Paul Rapp

What a cosmic trip!

"This flick is a must have for those who need that seventies stoke. What an amazing time it was back then.Cheap gas,unridden waves, earthy-mellow chicks, and most of all the perpetual spirit of adventure.This movie is rich in color and sound from start to finish. Waves sequences highlighting Larry Bertlemann,Shaun Tomson,Gerry Lopez, and many others will blow your mind. All the footage is rare and one of a kind. What makes this flick is the wild combination of sports. Original Z-boyz skate footage will stoke you beyond belief. Tony Alva,Jay Adams, and the infamous Bertlemann rip in the pool sequences and free ride scenes. Don't forget to crank the tunes, pull up some shag rug and gather the crew for this one cause it truly is a non-stop energy freedom trip man..." T. Barker / Santa Monica Canyon
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