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Directors: Roseanne Liang [Director] ,

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  • Shadow in the Cloud (2020) - Movie Scene 1
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  • Shadow in the Cloud (2020) - Movie Scene 1

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Nonsense from beginning to end

I don't remember seing such a train wreck, nothing made sense in this movie. NOTHING. The person who wrote this garbage should never be allowed to write a script again, EVER. I give 3 stars because of Chlo? and I think she deserves more than that TBH, she's a good actress IMHO and she gives an honest performance given the circumstances, but the movie itself doesn't even deserve a star. Don't waste your time on this one.

Saying this is confused would be kind

The film starts in the middle of a scene with no context. Chlo? Grace Moretz ends up on a World War 2 era military aircraft. The setting is dark and gritty WW2 but with electro synth music, which I personally love but think it doesn't fit the setting at all.

She is the only cool headed and combat minded character in a setting of military soldiers. All the men are clearly incompetant morons. She is the Mary Sue by forced incompetence of everyone else. She also is the baby carrying, breast feeding, monster fighting mama jamma of the movie. Nothing of this film is realistic or engaging.

Next there is a smattering of unrealistic characters and weird stuff, including a man sized dog like bat creature that is climbing around the outside of the aircraft. Theres a few plot inconsistencies and stupid ass-pulls that happen in the story.

The movie didn't have me hooked at any point really and I was just confused as to what I was watching. The acting is as poor as the camera work; which leads me to think this is all an issue with the direction.

The visual effects look poor when outside the aircraft, there is no realistic feel to anything. The music really doesn't fit anything and is comically bad particularly when the second and third acts are playing out. The monster is average looking in design and technical composition.

4/10 better than some big budget stuff this year but otherwise a below average viewing that I will never watch again.

Frontal lobotomy via Covid Era Screen

If this movie was a roller coaster it would be a bucket with one wheel pushed of a 2 foot railing. The girl power theme misses about as bad as the three Zeros attacking the plane. You couldn't thicken this plot with a ton of flour! And if you do manage to make it to the end, you'll have to use a fork to keep your eyes from rolling out of orbit. I'd say that this movie was Dog $%%P but it wouldn't be fair to the dog or the $%%P.
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