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Comedy | Western
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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Alfonso Arau [Director] ,

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Three out of work silent movie actors are accidentally drawn to a Mexican village that is being harassed by a gang of outlaws. The three, 'Ned', 'Lucky Day' and 'Dusty Bottoms' play 'Lone Ranger' types in their movies, but must play their parts for real now.


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love these guys and their chemistry

Mexican village of Santo Poco is harassed by El Guapo and his bandits. Carmen goes in search for fighters to defend the village. She watches a Three Amigos movie and assumes that it is real. She telegrams an invitation to the Three Amigos; Lucky Day (Steve Martin), Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase) and Ned Nederlander (Martin Short). Lucky pushes the studio boss too far and gets all three fired. They misunderstand the telegram and assume they are being asked for a simple personal appearance. A German comes looking for El Guapo and misunderstandings ensue.

I love this movie. I love these three actors and their easy chemistry. They are idiotic and lovable. Director John Landis keeps it simple and lets the stars shine. There are some good laughs but more than anything, this movie leaves me with a smile. I have seen some of the comedians who are suppose to be in this movie. They are all great but why I love these three guys is because they are loveably idiotic. They are dumb without any superiority. I really root for these guys.
The happy-go-lucky Three Amigos is a picture to see when your expectations are down and you've already been to everything that's good.
You know it's a boring comedy when you find yourself laughing only at the lead actors' costumes.
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