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Drama | History
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Latvian 2.0  
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104 min
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8.3 / 10 
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Directors: Dzintars Dreibergs [Director] ,

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The love story of the sixteen-year-old Arturs gets interrupted by the First World War. After losing his mother and his home, he finds some consolation in joining the army, because this is the first time the Russian Empire permits national battalions. However, war is nothing like Arturs imagined - no glory, no fairness. It is brutal and painful. Arturs is now completely alone as the war takes the lives of his father and brother. Also, no progress is made in the promised quick resolution of the war and timely return home. Within the notion that only he alone cares about returning home and that his homeland is just a playground for other nations, Arturs finds strength for the final battle and eventually returns home to start everything from scratch, just like his newly born country.


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Not a bulls eye..

...But a decent enough war drama based around true events

Winter scenes were impressively shot, giving you the feeling that you were there

A realy good ww1 movie about a unique front, previously not properely explored.

The movie was realy good, it is definetly the best latvian war movie, and prehaps the best ww1 movie out of all of them. The only problem i can pinpoint is the acting and sometimes the diolouge, wich was decent for most of the characters but sometimes the main characters voice acting was just terible in my opinion. I wouldnt say that the acting ruined the movie tough. Most of it was realy servicable, and i quite like that they didnt take all the overused latvian actors wich were realy tireing. Overall, the movie was fantastic, telling a almost completely unexplored ww1 front, especialy when it comes to wich part of the front. Definetly would recomend to anyone even remotely interested in ww1.

All quiet on the eastern front

It's hard not to draw similarities between this film and All Quiet on the Western Front ... Its clearly anti-war and anti-Soviet/communist ... The fact that's it's based on real life experiences as mentioned in the end credits lifts this film above the ordinary war film ... This is a great film if you enjoy gritty realistic war films and in some ways it reminds me of Cross of Iron in that respect ... As of Dec 2020 it's on Sky Cinema so if you get a chance watch it ... 10/10 from me
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