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Drama | Film-Noir
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116 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Lewis Milestone [Director] ,

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Three childhood friends, Martha, Walter and Sam, share a terrible secret. Over time, the ambitious Martha and the pusillanimous Walter have married. She is a cold businesswoman; he is the district attorney: a perfect combination to dominate the corrupt city of Iverstown at will. But the unexpected return of Sam, after years of absence, deeply disturbs the life of the odd couple.


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Stanwyck The Great!

Barbara Stanwyck and Giulietta Masina are in my humble opinion the best actresses of all time. In this movie too, Barbara plays an extraordinary role. It's not her best film but she shines like a superstar. Kirk Douglas, very very young, in his first movie, he is excellent. Lizabeth Scott is also very good in the role of the girl forced to lie to save her skin. Van Heflin is OK.

Soap Opera

An over long soap opera with endless violin music. Lots of talking and not much else. Great cast wasted on bad script.

Overacted, melodramatic plot

Eh, not a fan. The plot was OK, but everybody overacted. Lizabeth Scott looked like she was channeling Lauren Bacall, even up to the hair style. Kind of disappointing after all the good things I heard about the film. If either of the women said "Sam" one more time I was going to scream. Interesting to see Kirk Douglas as just an "ingenue" pretty boy. 5 stars out of 10.
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