The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (2020) 1080p

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Directors: Frank Marshall [Director] ,

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An exploration of the history of the Bee Gees, featuring revealing interviews with oldest brother Barry Gibb, and archival interviews with the late twin brothers Robin and Maurice.


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That was true love

Absolutely beautiful documentary, made me cry a couple of times. You would never imagine what's behind the lyrics of each song and how did they got to write so many lovely ones, like in the "how deep is your love?" scene, I was totally touched as they were remembering writing the song.

Hang in there Barry! You'll meet your beloved brothers again. Thank you Bee Gees!

Interesting documentary about a pop band who went disco.

I actually liked watching how the band made it's way into music stardom. The only things about I really didn't like is that they never mentioned but only showed a still in the background of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band the Bee Gee's movie which is one of the worst movies of all time and to any Beatles fan a kick in the privates. The other thing I didn't like is how Bee Gee's deluded themselves that the band that embodied disco couldn't believe they had to pay the price when that music genre fell from grace.

Skipped an Embarrassing Episode in their Careers. Why?

Like most others, I greatly enjoyed this documentary. But it left a substantial incident out, that helped lead to their downfall.

In 1978, fresh off their success of Saturday Night Fever and their assistance with the Robert Stigwood-produced Grease (also ignored), they starred in the most tepidly received movie of its day, a musical version of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." It was the "Cats" of its day.

I get that Gibb did not want to relive the universal backlash against this film. I get that they still had hits up their sleeve, including the excellent "Tragedy." But by simplifying their fall based on perceived bigotry and homophobia (based on a single usher's opinion) and overplay of their songs (which happened for the Beatles, Presley and Prince), it leaves out the bigger, more complicated truth.
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