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RiverBlue discovers the toxic side effects of textile production and jean manufacturing on some of the world's largest rivers. Traveling from tanneries along rivers in India, to some of the largest jean manufacturing factories in China, renowned river advocate, Mark Angelo, guides us through the declining health of these important waterways.


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More Human Destruction of the Planet

In part it's about some of our most polluted rivers such as in Xintang, China; Yamuna, Delhi, India; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Citarum, Jakarta, Indonesia. Normally we think of sewage, plastics, industrial waste, but this adds clothing leather/textile manufacturing & how much it contributes to the morass. Even with what we wear, whether at work or casually, it gives more support to the KISS ethos of minimalism in life - wear less; use recycled more. My main concern w/this doc was the reliance upon subjective evaluation of the harm - looks bad, smells bad. The producers should have arranged to have samples taken when visiting each site & have them analyzed as to source chemical composition & quantity. Such objectivity substantiates action against the offenders.

Life Changing

Thank you to everyone who worked on this breath taking documentary. Seeing the effects of the fashion industry on our planet is truly disgusting and heart breaking. But knowing that there are people who care and are finding ways to revolutionize the industry gives me hope that our rivers and waterways can still be saved. The next pair of blue jeans I buy will be from a manufacturer who cares about our planet.

A must see! 10/10!

RiverBlue does a fantastic job of exposing the deadly pollution caused by the fashion industry. It contains insightful interviews from the leading experts which support the eye-opening images.

The second half of the film provides hope and more importantly it offers ways to become engaged. The filmmakers are also continuing to fight for positive change through the fashion heroes website ensuring that the movement lives on (fashionheroes.eco).

A great balance of awareness and solutions!

A really important message expertly told, bravo!
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