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An ex-convict released from prison comes to the aid of a young prostitute from a gang. He has one day to stay out of trouble before he leaves to start his new life. As events accelerate out of control at their every turn he questions his loyalty, to himself and his new found freedom or to his new friend.


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Some Hard Hitting Action with the Purest Form of Love !

Steven Murphy & Tiffany-Ellen Robinson Dominate the Screen in this Spectacular Love Story , of Sorts ! Ms. Robinson Sheds Her Breathtaking Beauty & transforms into 'Ava' , a down on her luck Young Waif , who lives on the streets & ho's life has fallen through the cracks ; & Mr. Smith gives an Unparalleled Performance as 'Jake' , a Muscular & Tough Brawler who has just been released from jail & trying to stay out of trouble .Fabulous Cassandra French portrays 'Jade' , Ava's Uncaring & Disinterested Mother , & Veteran Actor Tim Faraday is 'Wayne' , Ava's Miserable Thug of a Father , who cares about no-one but himself . Todd Von Joel is 'Blockface' & Brett McDermott is the aptly named 'Beast' .Jake's old friends are Don 'Tombstone' Toney as 'Terry' , Rocci Williams as 'Travis' , & Steve McCarten as 'Father Ted' ; & then there's Jane McKell as 'Clarissa' & Debbie Tarrier as 'Betty' .The stunning performances of Steven Murphy & Tiffany-Ellen Robinson , in this Gritty British Street Drama , can not be OverStated ; & the rest of the Cast's Performances are Dead-On-Target as well .There's Action , Brawling , & some Gunfire afoot in this Remarkable Epic Film ; & Stick around for the Climatic Ending !
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