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Amish wife and mother Annie's life turns upside down after her husband leaves to live among "normal Americans", however things turn more dire when he returns, seeking custody of their son by any means necessary.


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Way off base

We attempted watching this but initially could not finish it due to the obvious errors in portraying the Amish. I could not get past the full face of makeup used on the main character, lack of accent, mannerisms, culturaladherence of an Amish woman. Her over assertiveness for an Amish woman in the beginning was too much. We turned it off. However, I decided I would finish it today. Again storyline was interesting but lacked the authenticity it needed. Especially again, when the main character wore a red dress, an untied bonnet and her mascara smeared when crying after waking up from a nightmare. Speaking as a mother her assertiveness later in the movie depicted how she changed to protect herself and son is understandable but the actress made her too strong in the beginning where her whole character was unbelievable. I have finished it but have reservations about any research being done regarding the Amish, the roles and personas of the females and males both were inaccurate and embarrassingly ignorant of the culture.

Not Even Remotely Accurate

I guess I am at a disadvantage, since I live in the area where this movie is supposed to take place. Plus, I'm surrounded by Amish farms on three sides of my house, and I know a fair amount about their culture.

This movie shows caricatures of what Amish people are like, not the reality. They don't dress right, the buggies are all wrong, the accents are wrong, and more. I could go on and on about all the things misrepresented here. Heck, they couldn't even pronounce the name of the city "Lancaster" correctly; they used the west coast version, not the pronunciation used in Pennsylvania.

I could probably get past all that if the plot were better. But the part with the guy providing whiskey to two of the Amish was unnecessary. It was a way to hide the rest of the bad writing. As for the main plot, eh, boring, and a variation on a theme we've seen too many times.

I'm shocked at the overall rating this movie got. Even without the cultural errors, this is by far one of the lesser Lifetime efforts.


Riveting! So interesting. respectful of the Amish world, but still a story anyone can relate to. Loved it!
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