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98 min
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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Marc Price [Director] ,

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During an ongoing battle for humanity, a group of rookie space fighter pilots is sent to join the battle against an armada of unbeatable enemy ships. When the trainee pilot and her gunner are shot down, they manage to crash land on a nearby planet. With the gunner mortally wounded and her own life support only set to last two days, our pilot's only option is to fix her ship. The sudden appearance of an enemy craft offers the answer, but as the pilot looks for parts to use on her own ship she is horrified to spot another survivor; an enemy alien soldier who has no intention of letting her escape.


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Cheap as chips, and not even mildly amusing.

I've seen plenty of terrible no-budget films, and this is probably the least interesting. Keep the mind bleach handy if you're daft enough to watch this.Abysmal acting, half-baked script, tuppeny sfx, and the lowest production values in the known universe.The aliens wearing off-the-shelf Vietnam-era gasmasks is the icing on the stalest of cakes.I've seen more realistic episodes of Thunderbirds.

Jaw-droppingly awful

Well, I admit I wasn't expecting a lot, but as soon as I saw the space suit helmets full of lights inside, I knew what I was in for. Inept movie makers cannot resist doing this, to make the lighting job easier. Any dimwit can see that if your helmet is full of bright lights, you won't be able to see a thing outside. Even so, I was unprepared for how bad this mess really is. I love Sci-Fi, and am usually pretty forgiving of mistakes, as it's hard to find a piece of watchable space opera these days. And there are those rare gems that somehow find their way to a release of sorts. This is neither of those. Rather, it distinguishes itself as one of the worst movies I've ever seen, on all levels. Could have been directed by Tommy Wiseau. I really can't say any more.

Dont even think to watch it

OMG!!! 100k $ budget?! Thats way it was some stupid film. Dont waste your time, its a total BS!!! From plot, the scenes, actress. OMG what a BS
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