Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions (2020) 1080p

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Drama | Music
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105 min
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9.1 / 10 
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Movie Description:
In "Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions," Taylor Swift performs each song in order of her album, "folklore," and reveals the stories and secrets behind all 17 songs.


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Musical Masterpiece

Wow!! Still my mood is sinking in and awestruck after watching Folklore on disney plus. Its an ultimate masterpiece and just feeling the vibes it has created. Taylor Swift is a musical genius blessed by god. Cheers to aaron dessner and jack antonoff for bringing out such an album.

I just loved the way Taylor Swift waves her hand while singing the line "meet me behind the mall" during performance of August song.. It was damn cute to watch!!

this is a moment in history

Whether you're a Taylor fan or not, this storytelling is masterful. Even if you leave out the soul-stirring songs and meaningful lyrics, this film accomplishes something we've not seen since in our generation's most trying times of wars, uncertainty, cultural and racial division. It jerks us awake to the fact that we, together, are living in one of those dire climates with COVID. The Vietnam War had Dylan to peel back our humanity and think about peace. John Lennon, too, lays bear how we really should treat one another.

In that caliber, and perhaps born from desperation, Taylor Swift invites us to be a part of this experience with other artists who collaborate. A part of this moment in history. In isolation, she manages to look further inward and blossoms an idea to turn a vulnerable situation into a new-normal discovery.

At the same time, she distinguishes herself yet again as a pure song-writer and artist. There's little doubt that other artists will re-think their true purpose for music creation. Shouldn't all artist be driven to create for the sake of the art, and less about the business motivation. Wouldn't that be nice. This is what happens when you remove the ego and affluent side of the process and bring back simplicity, purity.

The ensemble of song and phrasing leave you with a lasting impression that there are others who are experiencing what you are going through. That's powerful. And that's enduring.

Taylor Swift is a rare gift.

This Was Needed

I think we all kinda needed this, not cause the studio version is boring now, but, there's a kind of deep human connection to live performances. She is by far one of the best performers and storytellers out there.
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