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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Anthony Kimmins [Director] ,

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George has won a lot of money at the races but he's paid with counterfeit money. He sets about tracking down the criminals himself.


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George hits the highspots

A newspaper printer (George Formby) dreams of becoming a private detective and invents a special indelible ink that he uses to try and catch a gang of counterfeiters.

A lively Formby vehicle with plenty of energy throughout and some great moments that help the movie motor along well. Includes a handful of songs including 'Hitting the Highspots Now' and 'Fanlight Fanny'. Googie Withers is great as the love interest in one of two Formby films she appeared in and, rumour has it the pair shared a real kiss in a vat of beer so as Formby's wife Beryl didn't find out.

Perhaps Formby's best film

I bought the Studio Canal DVD as a Christmas present to myself as it was the only one of George Formby's films (from the original Ealing series) that I did not have in my collection.

The disc offers a beautiful print presumably from a pristine vault print and once I started watching the film, I realised that I did not remember it at all from the last time I saw it in the early 1960s on Granada TV, introduced by George himself.

With 3 terrific songs, the usual Formby stock company in supporting roles and Googie Withers a better leading lady than most of George's very posh girl friends, the film is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

The pace is frenetic and handled superbly by director Kimmins and I think this, of all Formby's films, shows what a terrific physical comedian he really was. I did not spot any obvious doubling for his many stunts (check the way he slides down stairs, something he must have learned from watching Chaplin) and the Wrestling match is just priceless!

Audiences (especially children) must have loved this frolic back in 1939, just a few months before the outbreak of war would change British cinema forever and render such a harmless farce obsolete forever.

Highly recommended, not only for Formby Fans but for all lovers of great slapstick screen comedy.

Quite a good movie

I strongly disagree with the previous comment. Firstly, the 3 songs are top notch - "Horoscope", "Hitting the Highspots Now", and the classic "Fanlight Fanny" - all fantastic George Formby tracks. The movie is quite entertaining with many funny moments. Gus McNaughton is almost a joint star with George in this film, as together they both try to uncover the counterfeiters after their racing winnings have been switched for "slush" money. It turns into quite a farce, and becomes quite compelling (the things that these guys go through uncover the criminals are brilliantly far fetched). I recommend this film to anyone who likes George Formby, you won't be disappointed.
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