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Daryl Zero is a private investigator. Along with his assistant, Steve Arlo he solves impossible crimes and puzzles. Though a master investigator, when he is not working, Zero doesn't know what to do with himself. He has no social skills, writes bad music, and drives Arlo crazy. In his latest case, Zero must find out who is blackmailing a rich executive, and when his client won't tell him, why. The only problem with this case is Zero has done something he's never done before: got emotionally involved.


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Brilliant, truly brilliant, hilarious and quirky dialogues. I applaud the writer/director of this movie for having written AND directed such an unique character driven comedy.

It is probably not a comedy that will delight the masses, because it is too quirky and slowburning in nature, but it surely could excite the arthouse movie fans though. Why? Because the characters have true to life fears and desires. I love it, when characters in comedies are true to life, because I can relate to them and consequentially it enhances the comedy effect. But this comedy transcends itself, because it becomes true to life drama near the end. That's a tightrope of comedy and (lighthearted) drama only few directors have managed to pull of successfully and director/writer Jake Kasdan is one of the lucky ones!

Acting performances are terrific. Ben Stiller is not the funny guy this time around, he is the serious straight guy, the help of a (really funny) detective (Bill Pullman), who is a total recluse, incredibly people shy, never leaves his house unless he absolutely has to for his work. But a new detective job for Bill Pullman forces him to leave his house and face his profound fears of other humans. But all these fears are still packaged in funny oneliners and dialogues. Quite enjoyable and funny, BUT in a very subtle, gentle, human way.

The brilliant dialogues and conflicts that arise from Bill Pullmans intense fear of people are just to die for. ! Very odd dialogues. Very quirky and original. I applaud the writer/director Jake Kasdan! Direction, photography, soundtrack, editing are all of truly high quality. Comedy brilliance. I am really impressed. Recommended for the arthouse fans of really quirky, slowburning true to life comedies. Too bad writer/director Jake Kasdan only made half baked comedy flops after this brilliant debut...

Offbeat, quirky and a fine Bill Pullman performance.

This is a great off-beat feature film by Jake Kasdan (son of Lawrence). For its first thirty minutes, Zero Effect is actually quite enjoyable -- it's funny, off-beat, and fresh. The script has some moments of near brilliance (consider the security measures Arlo has to go through to gain entrance to his boss' abode), and, for a while, Zero Effect looks like it could be headed in the direction of a satire. However, time proves this not to be the case and, as the plot moves more into the arena of the traditional mystery, the proceedings drift into an auto-pilot mode with generic story elements and predictable plot twists. Ultimately, the film seems like it's about fifteen minutes too long, and there are enough scenes that don't work that it's not hard to pick out candidates for deletion. Kasdan maintains a light tone throughout, which is fortunate, since it prevents the movie from sinking into ponderousness. Zero Effect is a mixed bag, and it's sure to look a lot better when it eventually reaches HBO than it does playing on the big screen at the local multiplex.

One of the greatest movies you'll ever see

One of the greatest movies you'll ever see. The casting and the entire cast is amazing with Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller who plays a great non-comedic role and shows some major chips Ryan ONeill is great as well
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