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Directors: Daisy von Scherler Mayer [Director] ,

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South Asian Ramu Gupta has always been fascinated with western movie musicals and has wanted to be an American movie star primarily as a dancer. So when he hears from his friend Vijay Rao about his fabulous life in Manhattan with a penthouse apartment and Mercedes, Ramu decides to move from his home in Delhi to the US to live with Vijay as he pursues his dream of being a star. Upon his arrival in Manhattan, Ramu learns that Vijay's life is nothing like he mentioned, he driving a cab and living in a run down cramped top floor apartment with two fellow South Asian roommates, Ramu who would be the fourth in the apartment. Ramu nonetheless just wants a chance to prove himself in the entertainment business. Among Ramu's many missteps include stumbling into the porn movie business where he can't get it up in such a setting anyway, and working as a waiter at least to earn some money. But it is a wait job at a private South Asian themed birthday party for a lost and directionless socialite ...


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An enjoyable movie.


I had seen this around on DVD before, but not really showed any interest. I am not a Bollywood fan and the cover of this film makes it look very Bollywood. But even though there are a few elements to Bollywood in there it is not Bollywood.

The movie is about an Indian guy who leaves India to pursue a career as a Hollywood actor. When he moves to the USA he gets a break in the movie industry by starring in a porn film? this doesn't work out but he does form a friendship with a porn actress who takes him under her wing and helps him get into the porn industry? little does she know that the information she is giving him he is using to trick everyone into thinking he is a Love Guru. People are listening to his advice and he starts getting recognised for it.

This is a romantic comedy but not like many others. The story is really well written. It has the typical elements of all romantic comedies, but this has a fresh feel to it. The comedy is well done, but not really laugh out loud. There were a few moments which I did laugh to, but generally the film was just amusing and fun.

The characters were really well played out. The characters were believable and also likable. Sometimes I find that in these films the characters can just be annoying and not really well done. I like to connect with the characters in the film, and in this it was good. The main character was played by Jimi Mistry. He was very good in this film and I am surprised that he gave up the big movie dream to end up in Coronation Street. I thought he was better than that. Other great performances in this were by Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei. Heathers character was just complicated. Her character was just very weak and seemed confused. Marisas character was just annoying, but not in a bad way. She played the part well and had some very funny moments.

There were a couple of funny musical numbers in this movie. They were unexpected and seemed out of place, but somehow worked really well. It added the Bollywood feel to the film and did make me laugh. The only part that I thought was a little out of place and did not belong in the film was the very last scene. The last scene really had me scratching my head as to what was going on. It didn't make sense and didn't belong in the film. I didn't get it.

It was an entertaining film and a lot better than I thought it would be. I will give this film 7 out of 10.

"I talked to a real live pornstar... and she sounded naked!"

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Unexpected delight

THE GURU tells of a an Indian dance instructor (Jimi Mistry) who comes to the U.S. to become a movie star. His first gig is in a porn film, where he meets porn actress Heathe Graham. She teaches him a thing or two, which he puts to excellent use as a phony guru performing at a posh birthday party for the very spoiled and libidinous Marisa Tomei. She falls for him and they have lots of sex. He teaches her everything he learns from Graham, and Tomei eventually becomes a celebrity herself. What happens to our pretend guru makes up the rest of this reasonably funny movie, which includes some big musical interludes done Bollywood style. Graham and Tomei are both incredibly sexy in this adult comedy. The British actor playing the supposed guru is woebegone in a pleasant way, but I must admit a little of him goes a long way. Keep your eye on the two gals and the musical numbers.

Fun Cultural Mix

I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but I was surprised. It is light entertainment, and it has something for everyone. For those thinking this is simply an attempt at "Bollywood" trying to go mainstream, it's more than that. It's a comedy, love stories, satire, and self-help all rolled into one. The entire cast does a great job turning a trite farce into something more.

One expects a little extra from the likes of Marisa Tomei, Heather Graham, and Christine Baranski, and this film delivers. Baranski does a great job with what otherwise might be a forgettable role; Tomei adds an intelligence to her character that might have been missed by other actors. Graham and Jimi Mistry are wonderful as the leads, who both respectively lead double lives.
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