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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Manele Labidi [Director] ,

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After 10 years of living in Paris, Selma (Golshifteh Farahani) has returned to Tunis. Back home, her younger cousin can't figure out why she'd leave the French capital, her aunt is overbearing, and her uncle is only giving her a matter of weeks to crash in the apartment above their house. Selma, nonetheless, is steadfast in her resolve: she wants to open up a psychotherapy practice. So begins the first feature directed and


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Golshifteh farahani is always great

A Nice Plot with Nice casts and music. Loved it. I like the way the director portrayed the lifestyle of Tunisian people. Farahani's mixed expressions are also good as always. I'm in love with the opening songs.. and the bg scores. And ofcourse I'm in love with the messy hair and dress-up of Goli.

A portrait of a third-world hometown

This is what every and each single person in a third-world country has experienced. What happens in the offices, how the streets look, how the police treats you, how people think of a newcomer, and ... This is how these countries feel and the movie is a portrait drawn by a great artist.

EUFF Review: Charming, Beautiful, Funny / Grade A-

Arab Blues (A Couch in Tunis) is an instantly likeable film. Its opening shot - about an old man's description of who Sigmund Freud might be from his looks - is charming and so is the story that succeeds it of a young woman (Golshifteh Farahani) coming back to her homeland, Tunisia, from Paris to start a psychoanalysis practice. She knows she will be looked down for it, a testament that she immediately gets from her uncle. But she is independent, courageous, and gritty, and so the film begins. I absolutely loved all the characters and their performances here, especially Farahani, Feryel Chammari, and A?sha Ben Miled. Each actor is better than the other and I had a sweet time looking at them, delivering beautiful dialogues and acting like it's real life. The social critique is pregnant here but Arab Blues projects itself as a lively comedy about a woman's struggle in modern-day Tunis, a state still marred by backward beliefs and customs, something that is common everywhere. With a supporting soundtrack, adequate humour, and the ability to keep you engaged, Arab Blues is easily one of the most pleasant comedies you will see this year. Glad I sat down and considered EUFF. Grade A-.

(Watched at the 2020 European Union Film Festival of India (EUFF).)
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