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Comedy | Drama
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97 min
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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Max Burnett [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Will Clark loves his job as radio announcer for the local high school football team, the Nowata Possums. He loves it so much that he continues announcing even after the town decides to cancel the football program. But when his imaginary teams starts to contend for the state championship, he not only must deal with the real state champs, but he must reckon with the hopes and dreams of the people of Nowata as well.


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Possums - family movie that at least makes you smile

I really like Mac Davis even though the writing could have been a little better this is a movie that makes you smile. I love it when the state champion coach turns to the ref and asks "We won didn't we?" The supporting actors gave the movie homespun flavor and the mayor made it so easy to not like him.

When the movie is over you get up feeling encouraged and a smile on your face. It's worth the time. I actually found this movie in the public library. It was originally on VHS and I found it at a yard sale on DVD I bought it and donated it to the library and she gave me the VHS. When the tape finally tore up librarian gave the DVD to me saying it was time to retire the movie. I gladly accepted it.

Train Harder and Think Clearer for Success

It's too bad that a movie with a good heart and some potential for being inspirational or even important would succumb to ridiculous screen writing. Don't get me wrong, I am firmly on the side of 1.) inspirational fantasy, 2.)rebels who do things differently than the mainstream and 3.) appreciating honest effort for its own sake and not just record-of-success.

These are the themes and attributes that could have been examined and enjoyed in Possums, but instead, we see one vigilante (Will Clark) who is too short-sighted and delusional to see the gaping hole in the credibility of his actions: he has not addressed the issue of training, tactics and development of a better football team!

Without the consideration of better theory, practice and performance for the Possums, the picture becomes a joke.

Another issue I have with the movie is: How do the individuals (pseudo players) named on the weekly broadcasts feel about having their names used and reputations fictitiously and permanently altered? Clark could have been sued for using these names to promote his hardware store business.

It was painful for me to see the young men in street clothes playing an informal game at the field, emulating the fake Possums as they listened to the phony-but-well-meaning broadcast.

Screenwriter Max Burnett did a severe injustice to all involved in Possums by creating one of the most un-believable movies of all time.

Not giving up is one thing... Creating a fantasy world of delusion is quite another: Hard work and innovative thinking, instead are the answer. Application, not vacation.

This movie could have been great had it been re-written with plausibility: Interaction of the coaches, players, and community.

Clark should have been coaching the players himself, all along, being a former player. Then again, did the players even want to become better, individually, and as a team? We will never know. (I can dismiss the one quitter at the town meeting).

Three years prior to Possums, Max Burnett reportedly worked, in some capacity, on the good film, The Tuskogee Airmen. I can not find any reference to him on the IMDb page for that film. I hope he was just "additional hair" or "assistant grip".

This movie sends a message to the audience that if you do not achieve success, then retreat: Give up: Do anything but work harder. This is inexcuseable and reflects a mentality that is so blinded as to be clinical.

From someone who lived in Nowata

I lived in Nowata, OK for 3 years, before I moved to Bartlesville 20 miles to the west and my mother grew up in Nowata and graduated from Nowata High School in the '50s. I and my children were even invited to play extras in the football stadium scene.

When it came out on video, I sat down with my family to watch it. I was impressed by the way they showed the southern down-home flavor of the main street and other city landmarks.

This movie is southern down-home feel good from the from frame 1. There is some mild profanity, but it is otherwise good for the whole family to watch. My family and I enjoyed it, and I'm sure yours will, too.
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