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Comedy | Romance
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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Ian Black [Director] ,

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This is a comedy that shows us that love has nothing to do with perfection. After losing the woman of his dreams, Anderson is convinced he'll never fall in love again. But at the urging of his best friend, he spontaneously proposes to a dissatisfied waitress named Katie and an innocent dare evolves into the kind of love that they both have been looking for all along.


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Weird and Wonderful

I'm not usually one for romantic comedies but one quiet Friday night I happened to catch this movie on late night TV and to my surprise it actually made me laugh and made my night a little happier.

Wedding Daze stars (Jason Biggs) and (Isla Fisher) two random strangers who meet in a diner and decide to get married in the first minute of them meeting. The story follows the newly engaged couple as they both rush into this wild new relationship that sees them move in together on day one of meeting and within just a few days end up meeting each others parents and friends while they slowly and awkwardly get to know each other and discover each others weird past relationships with a few hidden secrets.

This movie definitely sets itself apart from the more typical romantic comedy's that usually focus more on the dating aspect of a new relationship that sees a new couple as they slowly begin to get to know one another often under unusual circumstances leading to some over the top escapades.

The relationship between (Jason Biggs) character Anderson and (Isla Fisher) character Katie is one I found to be a lot more down to earth with some genuinely romantic moments that capture the real feelings of a love at first sight romance. Their relationship begins as an engaged couple they look at each other and decide right then and there to marry each other putting aside the usual worries people have when meeting a partner like looks, money, jobs, religious beliefs, expectations, past relationships, sex, housing status and their compatibility as a couple. Instead of playing it safe they take a chance one another and decide they have the rest of their lives to get to know each other so why not get married.

This isn't by any means a serious love story this is primarily a comedy movie so it can often be a little silly with it's jokes and physical comedy but there are actually a lot of jokes and sexual references that are really meant for a more mature audience aswell as more than a few swear words.

I highly recommend giving this movie a chance it may not be Oscar worthy but it's definitely an interesting and unique take on modern day romances.

Pleasantly Surprising

This is a pleasant little surprise of a movie, I had no real interest in seeing this as it just looked like an 'American Pie' rip off, with Jason Biggs playing Jim from 'American Pie'.

The movie stars Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher as two strangers who decide to get married on a whim. So they set off to meet each other's parents to share the good news.

So far, this sounds like a series of fairly predictable scenes. But they're redeemed by the writing and acting. There are some charming moments an some laugh out loud moments

The sequences involving the two sets of parents provide the heart of the movie, they strike just the right balance between affection and humour.

There were a lot of scenes I liked, but the movie seemed too tailored to Biggs' American Pie image.

Stand out performers for me were Ebon Moss Bachrach, Joe Pantoliano, Joanna Gleason, Edward Herrmann, Margo Martindale and the gorgeous Isla Fisher who I think deserves to be getting better offers than she seems to be.

Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher are funny together

Anderson (Jason Biggs) is in love with love. He goes all out dressed as cupid to propose to girlfriend Vanessa in a restaurant. She is so shocked that she dies from a heart attack. He's left as a pathetic mess who can't get over Vanessa. His friend Ted tries to get him to try harder and he asks waitress Katie (Isla Fisher) to marry him. Katie's life isn't going so well. She's in a dead end job. Her father is in jail. Her boyfriend proposes and she can't take it. In exasperation, she accepts Anderson's proposal. It's a ridiculous idea at first, but after a lot of misadventures, they may have stumbled onto something real.

The setup is really awkward. Knowing Michael Ian Black's brand of comedy, it's not surprising that he goes so dark so soon. Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher are two of the most likable and funniest comedic actors around. They combine to have some really funny moments. Chris Diamantopoulos is ridiculous and funny. This is a case of really funny people with some really inappropriate jokes trying very hard with less than expert directions and editing.
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