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At 42, David lives the life of an irresponsible adolescent. He coasts through life with minimal effort and maintains a complicated relationship with Valerie, a young policewoman. Just as she tells him she's pregnant, David's past resurfaces. Twenty years earlier, he began providing sperm to a fertility clinic in exchange for money. He discovers he's the father of 533 children, 142 of whom have filed a class action lawsuit to determine the identity of their biological father, known only by the pseudonym Starbuck.


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Whimsical, Charming and Authentic

David is deeply in debt, bullied by thugs, inept at his job, ineffectual with women, capricious and awkward. Basically, he cannot do anything right. So it comes as a surprise, especially to David, that he is the father of 533 children. Evidently, he is popular at the local Montreal sperm bank. True to form, David is not sure whether to be proud or threatened. Operating on the assumptions that any respectable parent should know their children well and that his fortunes will improve, David sets his sights on spending more time with his kids, all 533 of them.

Starbuck is whimsical, upbeat, charming and funny. This original Quebec version is much better than the later Hollywood rip-off. The Quebec roots and flavor have a lot to do with it. The story is so much more authentic and intriguing with Patrick Huard as David. Huard is perfectly cast. The film might have benefited by an infusion of cash and depth, but as Hollywood proved, you can also screw up a good thing. French language film with English subtitles. Seen at the Miami International Film Festival.

Starbuck: A wonderful surprise

Remember Vince Vaughns enjoyable comedy Delivery Man (2013)? Well this is where it all began, a French Canadian movie that got remade multiple times including the aforementioned title.

It tells the story of a lovable loser who donates heavily to the sperm bank. One day he discovers he has fathered over 500 children and that over 100 of them are fighting through legal means to have his identity revealed.

A powerful, moral, thought provoking tale I actually enjoyed the Vince Vaughn effort but certainly didn't expect the original to be this much better. I know generally US remakes are inferior but it was loyal to this, the original however is just a complete tour-de-force.

I was just talking recently about how many movies have made folks cry and that my number was just 4. Not too bad considering I've now seen over 8000 films! Starbuck almost made it a 5th, it crushed me and choked me up!

No Vaughn here, no Chris Pratt but it does have the same director as the Hollywood remake. No familiar faces helped the film no end as I saw characters instead of actors.

This is the best film I've seen in a longtime and heartily recommend it. Even if you don't like subtitles or sappy movies, but your bias aside and give Starbuck a chance. I'd be very surprised if you regret it.

Outstanding stuff.

The Good:

Great soundtrack


Thought provoking

The Bad:

Nothing springs to mind

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Some people really do read the articles in porn magazines

Threat of drowning isn't taken into consideration on a bank loan application

I too cannot look at a child for more than 10 seconds without wanting to smack it

Sperm donation is prostitution

Canadiana with Canadian sensibilities

Patrick Huard is well cast as the "imperfect" lead. He is the same person at the end of the movie as at the beginning, we just got to know him better.

You laugh at and with, sympathize and empathize with David. You invited into his imperfect life, with all his mistakes and foibles to see through to the truly good person underneath. you agonize with his dilemma, and feel his situation.

The rest of the actors are well cast and are exactly who they should be. They support the story, don't get in the way, and particularly his father (Igor Ovadis) are great in their roles.

Uplifting without preaching.
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