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Comedy | Crime
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5.2 / 10 
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Directors: Richard Donner [Director] ,

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After discovering the body of a murdered female agent in their trendy Soho, London nightclub, groovy owners Charles Salt and Christopher Pepper partake in a fumbling investigation and uncover an evil plot to overthrow the government. Can our cool, yet inept duo stop the bad guys in time?


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Phoned in movie from two of the Rat Pack.

I find every movie by the Pack, or any of their subset, other than Sinatra alone, to be a sad waste of film.

This is yet another, where Sammy Davis, Jr and Peter Lawford pilot this shameless, dopey vehicle at missile speed right through the middle of my IQ. Gosh, please make this stop, or at least, make Peter Lawford stop smoking cigarettes for one second and stop ashing his butt on the nightclub floor.

There's one funny scene where Sammy performs a song and dance number with some go-go girls. He pretends not very well to play the guitar.

I couldn't get through the entire movie. Its on a low par with the dreadful Ocean's 11.

Stay for the London Swingin' 60s fashions, leave for everything else

This is just too goofy and corny to rate well. The editing and continuity are clunky, but that's not the worst of it. The goofy 50s sitcom musical cues are beyond cliche, the dialogue is fit only for 50s sitcoms, and the movie is so stupid that it can only be enjoyed by cultural deficients or hipsters who like their fare drenched in superficial ironies.

It has historical merit as an exaggerated view of fashions, looks and behaviors of London's famous swingin' 60s. This film was meant to be hip at the time, so it can be viewed by modern eyes as a window into what director Donner thought would sell as 'cool.'

Still holds up in 2020

Silly spy spoof scenario that is still funny in 2020. Ridiculously goofy fun for the whole family. Although a bit risqué for the 60's, it is very mild in content by today's standards. Even though it does have a few fighting and gunfire scenes, there is no blood in any of them. It's much like "Wild E. Coyote" violence, especially the exploding bombs!!! Sammy Davis, Jr. has some great lines and a couple with undertones that are still relevant today. Both he and Peter Lawford must pack some pretty heavy punches because almost everyone they hit, is knocked out with one punch!!! LOL!!!
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