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Comedy | Drama
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24 fps
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100 min
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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Scott Elliott [Director] ,

Movie Description:
From their first encounter as teenagers in high school, Scott and Sid seem unlikely friends. Scott is a shambolic dreamer, intent on carving out his own path in life and holding up a metaphorical middle finger to anyone who tries to stop him. He is a quintessential troubled teen: on his fifth high school by the age of fifteen, alienated from his peers, crippled by recurring nightmares and disliked by his own foster parents. Sid, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to be liked. An unconfident, awkward recluse through circumstance, Sid's impoverished and dysfunctional background leave him no time for friends and no money for hobbies. And then Scott arrives in town, and Sid's whole world is turned upside down, as the pair embark on a journey of Dreamchasing, the personal code that they agree to live by. Through persistence and trust, sharing secrets and testing their faith in each other, Scott and Sid become embroiled in an adventure that leads them through doubts, deprivation and...


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underrated gem

People need to watch these incredible indie movies and support them,Scott and Sid is for sure one of the best movies of 2018 and a great story about two best mates who wanna chase their dreams,and that's what we wanna do, Do watch it and support these type of movies.

A Dark Comedy that comes out shining very bright

I absolutely loved it. With each successive viewing, I noticed the characters' emotions as they coped with the dirty hand that has been dealt to them and making the most of it. I also saw the immense bond between the boys as they already shared the low-class existence and a rather bleak future but seeing nothing but an opportunity to dreamchase.

One of the most underrated movies this year so far ..

Weird title.. Should have been Dreamchasers. I may have been in just the right mood but I was mesmerised and give it ten stars. Love it love. Dream chasing sign me up.
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