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30 years later, we're bringing the Banks family back together. Join Will Smith and his former co-stars for a funny and heartfelt night full of music and dancing in honor of the show that ran for six seasons and 148 episodes.


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Lack of diversity

In this pc era many forms of White entertainment are criticized for having a lack of diversity, ie black people. Same rule should apply to black entertainment should it not? Completely lacking in diversity, I could not relate to it therefore I hate it and demand it be cancelled.

Sentimental, heartfelt, memorable look at classic memories of the Banks family!

This latest "HBO Max" doc "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion" is one well done heart warming emotional get together with the cast as they take a look back at their days as the Banks family! Done in a discussion set style the cast talks about the 6 seasons of their sitcom as it's full of a montage of highlights hard to believe it's been 30 years wow times flies when people are having fun. Head star Will Smith does most of the taking along with words from cast members Jazzy Jeff, Alfonso Ribeiro, and plus the still attractive and elegant beautiful gals Tatyana Ali and Karyn Parsons! This reunion and get together has plenty of funny highlights and strong loving memories as it shows tears in the cast members eyes. Only fitting and touching is a tribute to late cast member James Avery. Overall well done and funny entertaining look back at one classic family of a great 90's sitcom a must watch for any fan of the series or TV buff!


This show was such a big part of my teen years! I absolutely loved it. This reunion was so touching and if you loved the show, you should check it out.
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