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Action | Drama
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Directors: Nick Sarkisov [Director] ,

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A son aspires to follow in his famous MMA father's footsteps, but along his journey must figure out how to break the abusive cycle, if possible, that his father has continued.


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Nice surprise.. not only for Jett !

I watched this movie originally for a great friend of mine and my cousin whom are in it but this movie was a very pleasant surprise for me. Could have turned out lame and boring but it actually had me on the edge of my couch and at the same time tugging on a couple of heart strings. Well done and proud that Birmingham,Alabama was represented well!

Tour de force by Dorff and Mann.A must see!

What a brilliant performances by these two. They deserve oscar nominations for this. Movie is at times slow,yeah, it has some flaws and it needs time to get you there, but that last fight between Cash and Jett. Holly s**!That fight is far superior than any fight scene in Warrior. Brutal, visceral and hearbreaking. Don't believe some user reviewers here, this is a strong movie overall with outstanding acting by newcomer Mann and the most underused and underutilized actor in Hollywood today Stephen Dorff. A must see.

Outstanding and Powerful acting ! Not your usual MMA movie!

This flick blew me away and reminded me alot of Warrior..Not that its storyline is the same because its not, but rather it was the vib and tone of the movie and the fact that it hits the emotions like a heavyweight..Stephen Dorf wasincredible here and just dominated the scenes with with presensce...I love this guy in anything he undertakes..It was him in Blade that 1st got my attention...The guy just Inhabits and Becomes his characters! The fight scenes were Half decent but very obvious that neither of these fellows were really trained fighters...that said, they did a passable job in the ring but this movie was Not about the fight scenes, its about the relationships...Its about a man who willed his way to the top who then realised he had Nothing in the end as his life spiraled out of control into deep descent... Its about his son who was caught up in that orbit and tried to break free so as not to becomethe man his father was...Just a superb story, well written with some powerhouse performances by the lead actors.Do Not watch this for the fights, watch it if you want a movie with substance that hits the emotions...hard..
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