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Horror | Mystery
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90 min
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7.8 / 10 
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Directors: Aneesh Chaganty [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A homeschooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.


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A rather intense and entertaining thriller...

I hadn't heard about the 2020 "Run" from writers Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian prior to getting to sit down to watch it. I looked it up on IMDb just before watching it, hoping to get an idea what I was in for; so I read the synopsis for the movie, but not any reviews.

Normally I am not one to watch an abundance of thrillers, because the genre tends to be pretty much a dime a dozen, but still with the chance given to sit down to watch this particular movie, I did so.

And I will say that director Aneesh Chaganty definitely delivered an entertaining movie. The storyline presented in the movie was one that had me thoroughly entertained, and I enjoyed how the writers kept me in the dark, letting me guess as to what was really going on. And director Aneesh Chaganty managed to reveal more and more of the actual happenings in small bits and pieces, which definitely left me wanting for more, and it was such a good sensation when it dawns upon you what is actually happening.

"Run" is a movie that is driven by some great acting performances by the two leads; that being Sarah Paulson (playing Diane, the mom) and Kiera Allen (playing Chloe, the disabled daughter). And since there weren't all that many people in the movie, the pressure of delivering was bigger for the leads, but they mustered this with excellence.

The build up of the storyline is good and keeps you wanting more, and I like how the director just gradually feeds you bits and pieces of the storyline, as it makes for a very intense movie.

I was definitely entertained by "Run" and it is a movie that was well-worth taking the time to sit down and watch. The ending of the movie, though, was just rubbish - pardon my bluntness here. But that ending was just ridiculous; and no, I am not revealing it, as you have to experience it yourself.

My rating of "Run" lands on a well-deserved six out of ten stars.

A Thin Veneer Over Very Little

There was no progression from a lifetime of being a trusting daughter, to rabid suspicion, it all seemed to boil down to one pill and that's just not enough to retain reality.

I'm sorry to say that by the end of the film, it felt like this was simply made as a vehicle for a real life wheelchair user to have as main part in a film and overcome it, pathetic and patronising.

It's Ok if you have very low standards.

Good but not enough

Well the movie was short but the writing was even shorter so I don't think this movie need hype at all
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