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Adventure | Drama
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Directors: Jerry Jameson [Director] ,

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A clean family movie of action, humor, and love. Pilot Dan's mission: rescue a woman working a jungle clinic in midst of warfare. She and another are willing to sacrifice their lives for villagers. A daring rescue results in a changed life. Planes, helicopter, explosions, and Samaritan's Purse are elements.


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Tears not

Message Good Movie Bad cleaned up "Tears of the Sun" try being original

Decent Christian movie

Dan is a repo man... of planes until he decides it is enough. He winds up trying to rescue an.old girlfriend from a Columbian drug lord. The movie has a few weak points in the execution but it is still a good story with good acting. Qell worth watching

God provides

Last Flight Out is piloted by Richard Tyson who is a cynic in matters of religion. He's a washed up pilot taking odd charter flights when he can find them and he'sworking South America now. His latest charter is medical supplies for Dr. BobbiePhillips mission deep in the Colombian jungle and Dr. Adriano Gonzalez is hitching a ride back to the mission.

There's a drug overlord operating there played by Rene Moreno who wants all theablebodied working for him cultivating the plants that make him rich. TheChristian mission interferes with those plans, but he'd sure like to have that plane and the pilot that goes with it.

What to do but evacuate the village. The mission has a lot of factors goingagainst it but prayer insures God will provide which he does, but not withoutcost.

This is a Christian movie so certain parameters are expected. You don't have to be a fundamentalist Christian to appreciate that people should not beenslaved. The performers are sincere.

You'll be judging this film by the strength of whatever religious convictions you might have.
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