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Action | Crime
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86 min
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Directors: Brian Ulrich [Director] ,

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After getting mixed up with a dangerous crime syndicate, an undercover cop wakes up to discover he is missing his partner, his wife, and three days of his life.


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Cool film anchored by great acting

I really enjoyed this time-bending thriller, anchored by a great performance from Deborah Lee Smith. I wish the ending had made a little more sense, but the build up was impressive, the character work strong, and the visuals were a lot of fun!

Rogue cop police procedural

You've got to pay careful attention to the date on the watch in this film. With that tip in mind you'll follow the storyline and enjoy the acting, the "mama-san" of the Yaku gang, is top notch character acting as well as Deborah Lee Smith's sympathetic portrayal of lead Beth.

Huge Errors Minus any Stars

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner amount of sucked

Insult to U.S. Citizens of Japanese Ancestry, Japanese.Deborah Lee Smith cast a Vietnamese (Roy Huang) to be a Japanese (Ronin, the name is an insult to any Japanese,. "All Asians DO NOT Look alike", U.S. Citizen of Japanese Ancestry that know what a Ronin. is, as still a Samurai that Obeys Bushido Culture, Laws, Code of Conduct, Regulations). The Vietcong, North Vietnamese Army NEVER adhered to any kind of Bushido, to them that was a Weakness so was the United States Military's 'Uniform Code of Military Justice, U.C.M.J., and Code of Conduct.

Not AccurateReal World to prevent Local Police (especially Undercover), State Police, Internal Affairs from becoming Corrupt, they are being watched as Covert Special Surveillance by people External to the Local Police (Undercover), State Police, Internal Affairs. When I was doing that Covert Special Surveillance was the same as U.S. Army Special Forces Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Vietnam Strategic Special Surveillance and Strategic Special Reconnaissance Vietnam Cambodia Laos, later same as U.S. Army Special Forces LRS-D Strategic Special Surveillance. Anti Gang Task Force Covert Surveillance.

Thomas Wilson Brown (Dave, looks like neighbor across street) and Robert Palmer Watkins (Jack, looks like Thomas on same street that I am at) would have been arrested by Law Enforcement before they even did anything.

Philosophy Grade F minus, Not Philosophy anythingC.S. Lewis Author best known for his works of FICTION, especially The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Space Trilogy, NOTHING to Do with actual Philosophy of the Four Kinds of Love.

After the Vietnam War, I did many Graduate Level Psychology Course to get into Medical School. During beginning Junior Year, I had to switch Majors to Graduate on time, and drop Medical School, because Reserved Officer Training Corps had obtained a Commission for me, I then changed Major to Philosophy Logic with a Minor of Psychology, and had to do more than 24 Credit Hours per Semester including Summer, Evening and Night Classes, etc.. Graduated On Time, Commissioned as U.S. Military Officer.
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