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Directors: Steve Rash [Director] ,

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A senior cheerleader is at the peak of her high school career being the captain of the cheer squad and dating the star quarterback of the football team when unexpectedly her family is forced to endure the struggles of being relocated to a somewhat ghetto area. Not being able to fit in, Brittany will have to make a choice, whether to hold on to her old life or give in to her new one?


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Britney And Winnie Are My Faves Of Course

But there is not a single Texas style fattie in this film.

All the girls are slim and attractive and have likable characters. I would also point out that the costumes are too conservative and are shorts instead of the traditional skirts.Welcome to modern America where tradition, human body and nature are abhorred and hated on.

Good nubile chicks

With legs to die for.

It is a sequel but not junk. Cholestrol free zone!

Adapting to a New School

As a senior at an upscale high school named Pacific Vista, "Britney" (Hayden Pantierre) has just about everything a young woman could want as she is not only the head cheerleader but she is also dating the star quarterback as well. Unfortunately, when her father loses his job she is then forced to relocate to a lower-income part of town and attend an inner-city school named Crenshaw Heights. To that end, her new high school doesn't come close to having the prestige or the resources she has taken for granted. And to make matters even worse, the head cheerleader of her new high school named "Camille" (Solange Knowles Smith) takes an immediate dislike to her and because of that Britney is left without any friends and utterly alone. But when she learns that the cheerleading team is in desperate need of another member, she decides to demonstrate just how talented she is to everybody on the team. Sure enough, immediately after her performance they come to the realization that with her incredible talent and experience they have an honest chance of winning a local contest which could benefit both their program and their school. But before that can happen they first have to convince her to join the team which has treated her so badly. And if that wasn't difficult enough they will also have to defeat the best cheerleading team in the area-Pacific Vista. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that I thought that this film had a bit more depth and humor than its predecessor "Bring It On Again". Likewise, having a couple of attractive actresses like Cindy Chiu (as "Amber") and the aforementioned Hayden Pantierre certainly didn't hurt either. Be that as it may, while this movie clearly wasn't a great comedy by any mean, I enjoyed it for the most part and I have rated it accordingly. Average.
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