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Drama | Thriller
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151 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Kunle Afolayan [Director] ,

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A bright student in Nigeria takes on the academic establishment when she reports a popular professor who tried to rape her. Based on real events.


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Interesting story low level acting and casting

The story is an important one to tell however lacked some of the realities of the real life situation. It was therefore disconnected in some parts. Adding others languages Yoruba and French, was a bad move for the characters given that the pronunciations were very amateur especially the Yoruba for Temi, who could not even pronounce her characters name properly. The so called Igbo characters also had strong Yoruba characteristics which caused another disconnect and made the characters feel unreal. Film was too long for what it was worth.

Nothing to be excited about

It's a movie with quite a compelling plotI understand that the director sets out to draw us in as the movie goes deeper, but he failed at that by adding some unnecessary scenes and dragging some of it which resulted in it being very slow and gradually uninteresting for the most partYou want to like the lead actress and root for her because of her obvious precarious situation, but the acting is not very convincing, nor endearing this failing to make us fully sympathise with her. She doesn't even speak the local language (Yoruba) properly, then why bother?!!Plot holes are so numerous (I won't mention them, to prevent spoilers), it makes it difficult to watch. The movie is so slow and isn't really captivatingThe cinematography was very fine and the location management was just as good, they took some really nice shots. The set decorations and costume design would have been very good too, but for the laughable Merkin-like wig they had the Professor wear (I mean!!)The movie had a lot of promise, also coming from one of the best directors in Africa, one in whom we'd expect nothing short of quality, but it ended up being below par, and all for 2? hours? Common!


I should have rated this movie 100% but nothing can be 100% perfect even though the entirety of the movie is close to perfection. Mr kunle Afolayan has never disappointed us for once right from the day's of #irapada,it's always from one level of professionalism to another. Always amazing and giving the best.
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