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Comedy | Family
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88 min
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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: David Jackson [Director] ,

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Marnie and Dylan have graduated high school and are now going to go to college at Witch U in Halloweentown. Marnie is offered a full scholarship, Marni's mother, Gwen of course does not want her daughter at school in Halloweentown so she forces Dylan to tag along. At the school, witches and warlocks can't use magic. Marnie soon makes a new friend named Aneesa, whom is a genie. Marnie soon discovers that she is partly to blame for the rules against the use of magic at school. At one point a box, with the name "S. Cromwell" inscribed on it, magically appears in front of her. Most people at the school believe that Marnie used her magic to conjure up the box, but it was brought to her by fate.


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Not as good as the Kimberly J Brown films

Return To Halloweentown is the 4th and final Halloweentown film of the franchise. This time Sara Paxton takes over from Kimberly J Brown and boy she isn't the same. Throughout I was like what is Aquamarine doing here in a DCOM. Marine(Paxton) gets into trouble with 3 hexes to uncover clues.

Watch the 1998 one instead. This is boring

Bad move, Disney

You don't replace the most icon DCOM star with a new person, especially when the original actress is available for filming.Shame on you.

Also, the story is over dramatic and stupid. A college in Halloweentown? Okay. ??

Sara Paxton

Watched this with my children, the whole series is awful from the stories to the acting but Sara Paxton takes it to a whole new level of terrible. I can't believe Debbie Reynolds was apart of this series.
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