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Directors: Casey La Scala [Director] ,

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While the rest of his high school graduating class is heading to the same old grind of college, skateboarder Eric Rivers and his best friends, Dustin, a goal-oriented workaholic, and misfit slacker Matt have one last summer roadtrip together to follow their dream of getting noticed by the professional skateboarding world--and getting paid to skate. When skating legend Jimmy Wilson's skate demo tour hits town, the boys figure that as soon as he sees their fierce tricks, he'll sign them up for his renowned skate team immediately, right? Unfortunately, the guys are intercepted by Jimmy's road manager and they can't get their foot in the door, much less their boards. But they do get some free advice: keep skating, stay true to yourself, and stay in the game--if you're good, you'll get noticed. Following their dream-- and Jimmy's national tour--Eric, Dustin and Matt start their own skate team, reluctantly sponsored by Dustin and his college fund. After recruiting laid-back ladies man Sweet...


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2000s gold

Great movie, deserves a better rating. As a skate comedy it nailed it.

This movie defined me

It's lit. I love this damn movie. There's a scene set to Boom by P.O.D. and it's so sick. Sweet Lou is my idol.

It's not a bad stupid movie, at least

Grind was a movie that randomly popped into my mind one day, for I remembered it was one of the few skateboarding movies out there. I hadn't seen it until now, and all I can say is that I'd maybe like it if I saw it at age 8 when it was released.

Plot- It doesn't even try. A kid takes his dumb friends on a road trip to skate at a competition. Some funny things happen along the way but none of it feels genuine.

Writing- Cringe worthy at most parts. It all felt so awkward, and it seemed as if an entirely new script would have been fine as long as they still met up with Bam Margera and company.

Acting/ Characters- The writing always brings down the characters, and as stated, I thought it was very poor. Not the worst, but I mean the characters goof around in the weirdest ways, none of them are distinctive beyond a one or two word stereotype, and you end up with relative good actors playing poorly written hooligans. So in turn, the acting in itself wasn't bad, just awkward. I really got annoyed with the character Sweet Lou that is almost identical to McConaughey in Dazed in Confused. He looks like a total fool.

Quality- Yikes. I watched this hoping that at least the skateboard scenes would be juicy, much like an action film with dull moments in between. The skating scenes are awful, they could have just filmed it like a real video. All you see is their feet, barely an attempt for realistic stunt doubles, and the tricks they do are laaaame- you will not be dazzled, fellow skaters. This movie looks like it was shot in a hurry, the most bland angles, lazy editing.

Overall I gave this a 3 mainly because I'm considering the nostalgia aspect- people who saw this as a kid may like it, but I didn't, and I don't. I also don't give 1's much. It has no pizazz, no realism or insight into the lives of skaters, no driving plot points. Just attempts, failures, and success, all driven by an awful sense of humor and the sheer obligation to simply make a skateboarding flick for the big screen.
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