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Adventure | Animation
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23.976 fps
Japanese 2.0  
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111 min
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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Ayumu Watanabe [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Ruka is a young girl whose parents are separated and whose father works in an aquarium. When two boys, Umi and Sora, who were raised in the sea by dugongs, are brought to the aquarium, Ruka feels drawn to them and begins to realize that she has the same sort of supernatural connection to the ocean that they do. Umi and Sora's special power seems to be connected to strange events that have been occurring more and more frequently, such as the appearance of sea creatures far from their home territory and the disappearance of aquarium animals around the world.


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Children of infinity

I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for these really crazy and sort of big picture type movies, but this one still has me thinking. First off I want to say the animation was beautiful stunning and a majority of the art sequences we're pretty drawn out, yet totally hypnotic, but...They lost me in the plot.Don't get me wrong, I thought the story introduced very intriguing notions about life, but I feel like it started to pile on too quickly and the many questions were being asked, were ones that the story wasn't going to keep up with. I don't think it's the case where a movie asks these big questions just to appear deep, but I think the questions and confusion were part of the story.I won't have any spoilers, but if your watching it, don't try to stress yourself thinking about it too much because a part of it isn't meant to be understood. Really everything that happens just encompasses the wildness of life, and after watching the movie, it really should be called, "Children of Infinity."

Far to Zen for Western audiences.

The anime was beautiful and a stunningly presented. The background score was simple and unobtrusive, but soundly reinforced the imagery.

The story itself involves a young girls journey through a single summer, evolving from childhood into adolescence. The major theme is the linking of the cosmic with the mundane and how they are essentially the same. The primary story deals more with the cosmic while the postscript after the ending credits deals with the mundane and links them as equally fascinating.

My major criticism of this film does not involve a lack of artistry within the production as every aspect was exemplary. The problem will be with the Western audiences lack of understanding of Buddhism in general and it's philosophical association with everyday life. What may seem entirely sensical and logically told as a story in Japan may not even be recognized as a such in say North America. Still, I found it highly beautiful and enjoyable. Sadly, others without an understanding of the philosophical underpinnings will not.

It looks pretty, but has no narrative...

The film was really messy and felt sort of pointless. It had some interesting philosophical thoughts, but it didn't seem to explore them at all. The characters feel really distant and I couldn't understand at all why they're in the story and what they were doing. The story didn't work at all since it has no narrative. Sometimes a movie might be telling the story by visuals, but it didn't seem to do it in that way either. I woudn't even say that this looks awesome. It has some pretty looking elements, but I didn't really like how they animated faces.
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