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Adventure | Horror
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88 min
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5.3 / 10 
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Directors: Will Wernick [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A social media personality travels with his friends to Moscow to capture new content for his successful VLOG. Always pushing the limits and catering to a growing audience, they enter a cold world of mystery, excess, and danger. When the lines between real life and social media are blurred, the group must fight to escape, and survive.


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Almost perfect low budget horror

What are the haters expecting when they watch a film like this. To me this Hostel-inspired horror film delivers on all levels. The acting is above expectation in a low budget with no-name-actors and the story works well a through.

Sure the main character makes some questionable decisions, but that is kind of a part of the concept. Plus, the character isn't portrayed as the smartest kid on the block which makes it even more plausible.

I like it a lot and recommend it to anyone who likes the genre.

Underrated Little Gem

Except for the scenario of the ending (not its outcome), the movie is almost perfect. I found the acting decent, and while the characters, especially the main character, are not very likeable, I found them very true-life. There is the main Vlogger, then his sidekick, and then his secondary sidekicks, it's a well-oiled machinery that generates money with needless waste of time. Behind that there are more or less normal people with the right nose for their business.To deliver more thrills, the protagonists agree to an ultimate escape room experience in Moscow, and this seemingly goes very very wrong. I will not spoil the movie, but one who pays attention always gets a little hint what's going on. The pacing after a rather slow but entertaining introduction of what a Vlogger's life would be (I liked this part very much), the thrilling game changes into, what we wcould call it, a Russian version of what was to be expected. Fast and brutal.There is no flaw of any kind to be found until the very end. Which is, as I mentioned, not as carefully arranged as it should be, but aside from that, it is very reasonable, as any other reaction and decision during the whole scenario. Put yourself into such a situation and you may understand some reactions easily.I have a theory that many reviewers here did not really follow or did not want to understand the movie, as it (intentionally) mimics (partially) some mainstream Horror movie series of the near past and makes its own story from their origin, in a way like "One Cut of the Dead" (which was a bit more funny, I have to concede).

Predictable and Poor Acting

If you enjoy any sort of horror creepy genre, then you'll see this movie coming a mile away. I was sort of excited to see a well filmed horror piece as I hit play, but honestly I knew the ending before the first 20 minutes. Yes it's been done, no it wasn't that great, if you're looking for a better version, try The Game, if you're looking to waste time and be a little entertained, try this.
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