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Comedy | Romance
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105 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Carl Reiner [Director] ,

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Lily and Dan are a couple who have been divorced for years. When their daughter, Molly gets married she invites them. At the reception, Lily and Dan bicker loudly so Molly asks them to leave. It's while they are alone that their banter turns into passion and they get it on. Later while Molly is having her wedding night she discovers her parents together and freaks out. The next day they run off and their partners are wondering where they are. Molly decides to try and find them and she enlists a paparazzi who's been following her mother to help find them.


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has its moments

Molly De Mora (Paula Marshall) is marrying Keith Marks (James Denton). She's reluctant to invite her divorced parents who hate and haven't seen each other for 14 years. Lilly Leonard (Bette Midler) is a self-obsessed actress. Dan De Mora (Dennis Farina) left her for Rowena (Gail O'Grady). Lilly brings along her boyfriend Alan (David Rasche) to the wedding. Keith hires photographer Joey Donna (Danny Nucci) without realizing that he's been hounding Lilly taking unflattering photos. It's a combustible mix. Dan and Lilly still have fuel for the fire.

Farina is an unlikely rom-com lead. He and Midler do have plenty of combative energy. I don't understand Keith's despise of the forbidden relationship. I don't see it as that forbidden anyways. Marshall is good. Despite some early ugliness, Nucci grows on me. They become a charming second coupling. It would have been better if Lilly and Dan are forced into isolation which rekindles their romance. They basically jump into bed too quickly for me. This has its moments and a good cast. It's not a big hit but it works.

That Old Feeling-Bring Back those Screwball Comedies ****

Dennis Farnina and Bette Midler are the best chemistry match for this outrageously screwball comedy.

Attending their daughter's wedding, after 14 years of being divorced from each other, and remarrying, the two despise each other and pull absolutely no punches. After a major screaming match at the reception, the two are put out in the street and told to calm down. It is at this point that the old feeling captures them and the picture becomes an absolute madcap comedy. The duo run off and are pursued by the daughter, and a photographer who can't stop snapping pictures of Midler.

While on their escapades, the daughter realizes that she has feelings for the photographer. She has married into a political Republican family who pride themselves on good family values. Some values. While waiting for his bride to return, the young husband gets drunk and has a one-night fling with Farina's second wife!

The ending is an absolute pip in the tradition of the 1930 screwball comedies. This is a marvelously crafted film- one of the best of this type that I've seen in years.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful screwball comedy!

When I read the synopsis for this film on the t.v. channel, I immediately assumed it was one of those "screwball comedies" of the 1930s. Instead, it turned out to be a "modern" screwball comedy which kept us glued to the screen the whole time. Everything about the film was so enjoyable: the acting of everyone, and above all the clever writing, managing to relate all the main characters in the filmic version of a quadrille. By the looks of things, I would guess that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the making of this film. As always, Bette Midler was supreme, whilst this film yet again showed how brilliant and versatile an actor is Dennis Farina.
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