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Biography | Drama
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Unjoo Moon [Director] ,

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1966. Helen Reddy arrives in New York with her three-year-old daughter, a suitcase and $230 in her pocket. She had been told she'd won a recording contract, but the record company promptly dashes her hopes by telling her it has enough female stars and suggests she has fun in New York before returning home to Australia. Helen, without a visa, decides to stay in New York anyway and pursue a singing career, struggling to make ends meet and provide for her daughter. There she befriends legendary rock journalist Lillian Roxon, who becomes her closest confident. Lillian inspires her to write and sing the iconic song "I Am Woman" which becomes the anthem for the second wave feminist movement and galvanises a generation of women to fight for change. She also meets Jeff Wald, a young aspiring talent manager who becomes her agent and husband. Jeff helps her get to the top, but he also suffers from a drug addiction, which gradually turns their relationship toxic. Caught in the treadmill of fame ...


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Covers A Lot, Good Lead Performances

With a relatively short run time, they did a good job of doing justice to Helen as a person and her personal life, her drive and ambition, her marriage, and contemporaneous politics. In fact, it was often exciting and emotionally engaging.I think the movie represented things honestly. Her husband's weaknesses were on full display and in painful detail, but he was also more of an asset for her than I was expecting.It touches on what was apparently important to her, her kids, her career, her best friend, and the women's movement. So, I think it gave an accurate overview of major life events, and also plausibly portrayed her as a decent person, with a lot of self-respect and integrity.The movie also gives insight into what a badass she was. It's a pleasant surprise that she demanded respect from the record execs and guided her career in her own way.This was all capably expressed by both leads, and Tilda in particular. She was great with the steely glint or strong speech that shows Helen's determination and will, and also her vulnerability during some heartbreaking moments.I'm grateful to this movie for giving me a renewed appreciation for a remarkable woman.

Great concept poorly executed

Beautiful and inspiring story. Unfortunately not well acted or directed or written. Really wanted it to be good but a bit slow. None the less, bravo to the woman who made this film and keep hope alive for equal rights. We'll get there. One day...

A Nice Surprise to Revisit the '70s

I had no idea this movie even existed. I was looking on Netflix for something to watch and I was delightfully surprised to find this film. Helen Reddy quite frankly is one of those icons that immediately transports me back to my '70s AM radio listening. This movie doesn't claim to be anything more than it is. It is a director's version of Helen Reddy's life. The lead, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, is actually quite good as Helen. The supporting players, Evan Peters as Jeff Wald and Danielle McDonald as Lilian Roxon, support her well and are the standouts in the piece. Some may argue that this is nothing but a lifetime movie, but all Helen's songs are there, the backstory is one that I really didn't know anything about and I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting that era. Look it's not Shakespeare, but it doesn't pretend to be. As biopics go, it held my interest and it was very entertaining. People forget about how big Helen was. This movie will remind them and hopefully introduce her to a new generation.
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