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Nick Hopewell, a newly minted NYPD Homicide detective, has a strong sense of justice and the law, which is why he wouldn't hesitate reporting the crooked cops again as he did in his previous job in Vice, despite the action giving him a bad reputation among some within his ranks, he believing his current captain, LaSalle, among those in wanting to get rid of him even before he begins. His first case in Homicide is the murder of businessman, Oliver Waxman, the pressure to solve the case high in Waxman having connections to the mayor. Nick's partner, Ed Braxton, takes the opportunity in working with a novice to raise his own profile with LaSalle in trying to be a one man show on the case. The one person on the scene who Nick sees as being a potential benefit in having an inherent ability to see what is happening is Morgan Sher, the sole person in her own company, which is contracted to be the crime scene cleaner. Nick begins unofficially to work on the case with Morgan rather than ...


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Good twist, good TV movie.

When I was watching Swept Under I constantly had the feeling I was watching a series, one of those televion shows about a couple detectives solving murders and mysteries. There is nothing wrong with that even though it's supposed to be a movie and not a series. But for a TV movie Swept Under is certainly worth a watch. It has a good twist that not a lot of people will see coming, I sure didn't, and that's a good thing, nothing wrong with a good element of surprise to make it interesting. The acting wasn't always on top, but nothing cringing to watch either so that wasn't an issue. Overal it's a good mystery thriller, not good enough for theaters but certainly good enough for a TV movie.

Good Plot, Awful Acting

This movie had great possibilities but was fell short by bad acting. In places the dialogue was painful to endure. Watch a different movie if you can.

stick with it

Morgan Sher (Devin Kelley) is a veteran crime scene cleaner. She's seen it all. On the other hand, it's the first murder case for police detective Nick Hopewell (Aaron Ashmore). Morgan finds a piece of evidence left behind. The lead investigator refuses to look at it as it would make him look bad. Hopewell recruits Sher for help in the serial killer case.

The first half is an inferior cop and civilian duo TV show. There are plenty of those on network TV. Quite frankly, it's a barely fail as a TV movie at first. It's all been done before. The second half does something different. In order to do that different well, it needs to set up the premise a lot better in the first half. I can see many giving up on this movie early. I would suggest sticking with it. I still think the premise needs some work and the production is only slightly better than the general Lifetime movies.
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