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Directors: Michael Feifer [Director] ,

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A young couple Mira (Abbie Cobb) and Todd (Sean Faris) hire a live-in nurse (Lyndon Smith) to be the caregiver for their sick son, only to discover that she is an "angel of death" intent on replacing Mira through any means necessary.


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Predictable and generic, but still enjoyable...

Well, this 2019 movie titled "Evil Intent", although I found it with the cover titled "Psycho Nurse", turned out to be exactly as I expected it to be. That being a predictable thriller that follows the how-to-make-a-thriller blueprint by the numbers.

Sure, "Evil Intent" was watchable and entertaining enough for what it was. This wasn't exactly the brightest moment in the history of thrillers, but "Evil Intent" actually turned out to be enjoyable enough for what it was. Sure, this is hardly a movie that you'll watch more than once, as the contents of the storyline just doesn't have enough in it to support multiple viewings.

The storyline in "Evil Intent" was classic script book material. I mean, you knew exactly how the plot would play out and how the movie would end. And surprise, writer Hannah C. Langley didn't veer from that course one bit.

I will say that the acting in the movie was good, despite of the actors and actresses being somewhat restricted and limited in terms of the script and plot. But they definitely put on good performances, which helped carry the movie and making it stay afloat and prevented it from sinking into a grave marked "less than mediocre".

But that was it, wasn't it? "Evil Intent" was just mediocre. I mean, the movie at the hands of director Michael Feifer just failed to throw the audience off of the track. Everything was just so rigidly scripted and predictable.

My rating of "Evil Intent" is a mediocre five out of ten stars. This was by no means among the worst of thrillers that I have sat through, however nor was it among the best either.

You gotta be kidding

One of the worst written hokum ever. And that goes with the acting as well. It seems our leading lady seems to be walking around in a dream even when she's sober. A real wimp of a performance. It was very hard to watch this movie. Very hard. Our evil nurse got away with everything she meant to do and it seems all her victims didn't have a clue. And if they did, they turned their back on her. Please. The husband's drunk scene, a couple of beers?, was a joke. His dopey wife slept through it all. Even when she woke up she was still a zombie. I won't mention names of cast in respect of their careers but I hope to not see their work again. And the writer must have knocked this off on a lazy afternoon. I felt bad for the director and gave it one star for his courage to make sense out of this loser.

LMN rocks !

Another strong LMN offering. Riveting and thrilling movie. Very creepy nurse. She does a terrific job.
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