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Crafty Patrick Carlson and his violent accomplice Kyle Mumford have hidden in the woods up north for months after pulling off a major diamonds robbery in San Fracisco. They hoped to collect the loot from a third accomplice, who says it must be with Susan, the widow of professor Ron Mandaway, who probably hid it before committing suicide. Patrick adopts the false identity of Jeff Watkins, a retired entrepreneur, who supposedly had a yachting accident, so she'll take him into her luxury island villa. Jeff's charms win her confidence, but can't find the diamonds, and she seems unaware. Kyle loses his patience, and local sheriff Kirby Grantham, who regularly pays Susan a friendly visit, becomes a problem when his deputy finds Jeff's identity most suspicious.


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Lifetime thriller has Audrey Horne stalked by Alex Krycek

Audrey Horne is stalked by Alex Krycek. Actually it's Twin Peaks' Sherilyn Fenn being stalked by The X-Files' Nicholas Lea. Fenn plays a widow living in a remote cabin on a lake who's husband hid some stolen loot before committing suicide. Lea and his two scuzzy henchmen then scheme to get Fenn to invite Lea into her home by staging a yachting accident. It works and cat-and-mouse suspense ensues. I'm a big fan of Sherilyn Fenn and that made the film watchable for me, but honestly, this is a pretty standard cheaply made Lifetime Channel woman-in-danger movie (meaning bad). Non-fans will probably find this film pretty dull.

Sadly, a waste of everyone's time

I have been a fan of Sherilyn Fenn since David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" (who hasn't?) and I've had a great deal of respect for Nicholas Lea because of his very decent work in "The X Files". Unfortunately, looks like time has not been merciful to either of the actors, and they are now being forced to pick up whatever lousy piece of script so-called screenwriters throw at them, not to mention directors who couldn't direct a tree to save their lives. It's a shame, really, because they do deserve better than this run-of-the-mill, "B" or "C" class made-for-TV pulp. The storyline is so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw. The dialogs are so pretentious that I seriously pity the actors who had to actually deliver them. The characters are puppets being jerked around on strings by some unknown force, their motivations having little to do with emotions, the laws of logic or the common sense.

It's hardly a good endorsement for a movie to say that I cared more about peeling dead skin off my heels than about how the film ended. Unfortunately, this happens to be the case with "Deadly Isolation". Use your time more wisely: go for a walk, or to sleep. At least you'll do something positive for your mind.

This film gets a star for each of my favorite actors, the third being a dog. (I thought of adding one for a gun, too, but that would be overgenerous.)

enjoyed it

"Deadly Isolation" is an OK way to pass the time. Sherilyn Fenn was decent in her portrayal of Susan, a woman who lives alone in a small coastal town. Susan takes in Patrick (played by Nicholas Lea), appearing to be passing through and having just injured himself while boating in the area. What follows spells trouble for Susan, as Patrick wants something from her (this is evident from the beginning of the movie so this is not revealing a crucial plot element).

Nicholas Lea gave the best performance and at times his chemistry with Fenn was good. There is not too much happening here so the suspense builds until nearly the end. This is one of those made-for-TV fluff types that is fun to watch on a cold night with popcorn and soda while curled up on the sofa. 8/10.
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