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Directors: John Maggio [Director] ,

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The rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete and sabotage each other.


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Good documentary ! , as a EU citizen this feels like a propaganda !

The documentary is quite good not doubt about that, it points the cyber warfare that happened in the past few decades , anyway in my opinion the people that are interviewed have embraced xenophobia entirely ! .China, Iran, NC, Russia are the bad people and US is the poor angel . USA put his fingers in so many pies without consent for sure ! , public disinformation , taxes , control over population with Facebook -Insta- etc .,AI, inside jobs ,vaccines and much more and you know why ...bcs people are dumb ! , and you can control them easy ! every country is doing it ! - I'm sure for those who made a little bit of research you know what I'm talking about ! .I was glad that I live in this era without wars ,and then I realize we are already in it for few years!. This gen of warfare is with cyber attacks , network infrastructure ,AI , and viruses ! - I'm in for world peace ,but we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon !

Its an eye-opening documentary

For an documentary it is one of the best I have watched not just cause of the actors involved but the facts that link to our everyday reality. The screens we hold in our hands. Its like being given an extensive mind map that is not connected, but just by the information provided in this film you are able to connect the dots. To get an even bigger picture of how not just cyberwarfare but technology in general and continues to affect our everyday lifes. I can recommend this movie and I wish everyone would watch it to realize how we have all become a participant of cyber warfare and desinformation. We act on information lets learn from this lesson and pray for a better future for all, cause we sure do need it before we doom us all.

I have questions

If Russia was responsible for obtaining the DNC emails why wouldn't the DNC allow the FBI to investigate the servers so they could ascertain the source of attack? Instead they gave the servers to Crowdstrike who in the end said they could not say for certain who the source of the hack was or where it came from? The overuse of the term 'disinformation' is also laughable- are they trying to say the emails are forgeries? It is not disinformation if the material in reality is authentic. Also its not a very sophisticated hack when all it took was for Podesta to fall for an email phishing scheme allowing them into the email system. In the end Russia was found to spend less then $100k on facebook ads stirring up the same trouble they have in every US election since the cold war.
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