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Crime | Mystery
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97 min
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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Bill Norton [Director] ,

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When Kathy Acton is found dead, her parents, Tom and Carol, swear they will find her assailant. But as the investigation gets under way, it appears that the only remaining suspect is the girl's father. Carol is torn between the love for her husband and the story the police tells.


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This is a good movie!

Mannn, you have to see this movie. Ted Danza kills this role! I cried because he was so believable. His wife also was awesome! I'm trying not to spoil this for anyone but this was an awesome movie! Tell ur friends, have a girls night and bring a big box of Kleenex. You will be proud of the Husband Ted Danza betrays and then u will be confused and angry once the movie hit its Climax....a must see. The lead detective has a vocabulary and diction that only a good education and upbringing can give u. He is perfect. I can't go any further without ruining this for someone so, sit down and cuddle up and enjoy this hidden gem.

Way better than I ever could have expected!

So, I've recently been on this 80's and 90's "TV Movie of the Week"/Lifetime movie kick and this was one of the films on my watch list.... it seems there are a great number of reviews complaining of Tony Danza's accent (which is pretty bad, but I was able to look pass that) but PLEASE don't let that prevent you from watching this film! I kind of wish the ending had been fleshed out a little bit more but I felt that the "twist" toward the end was definitely pretty great and also a bit random, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much, lol.

A murder in West Virginia....based on a true story

this film was based on a true story and Pamela Reed is excellent; Tony Danza as Tom Acton; who has 3 children and is a good family man. Or is he? This film is good because while there are a few stereotypes, it is not over the top. Pamela Reed is the mother trying to protect her children, and loses her oldest daughter to an abductor. She excels in this role, especially during the scene where social services takes custody of her other children.

No one except Ving Rhames, as the local detective, seems to know who the culprit is. While the initial disappearance of the daughter seems strange, you should watch the movie in its entirety. There are a few twists, and while I was never a Tony Danza fan (and his accent is still too close to Brooklyn, NY!) the story is still interesting and worth watching. 8/10.
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