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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: William A. Graham [Director] ,

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When Lisa starts her freshman year of college, everything seems perfect. She has a new job on the university paper, a handsome new boyfriend, Steven, and together with her new roommate, Shelby, she's pledging a sorority. Her world changes drastically during the sorority's "hell week" as new pledges are asked to perform degrading tasks. Lisa begins to wonder about becoming a sorority sister, but decides to stick it out because she's a "legacy"-that is, her mother is a founding member. During hell week, Shelby mysteriously falls from the campus clock tower late one night and dies. After getting over the initial shock, Lisa becomes convinced that it wasn't a suicide as everyone wants to believe. She begins her own investigation with Steven's help. But no one on campus will listen to them: Lisa's sorority sisters refuse to talk about that night, and the campus officials have closed the case...


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Very Good TV Movie

This movie was a very good TV production. Hillary Swank is great. So is Jenna van Oy and Sarah Chalke. Joining a sorority can have deadly consequences but these girls want to be in the in crowd just so bad!

song help

Does anyone know where i can get hold of the track that is played throughout this great film, with the lyrics "Dying to belong". I have no idea what the song is called or who sings it :( but i love it!!! I don't have the film so I'm unable to view the credits. So can anyone help??

I Loved this film, Mark is gorgeous in it!! And not just his looks, he makes a great boyfriend. This film really shows the struggles of moving away from home for the first time and going off to university. I don't know if universities in America are as they are portrayed in this film, but i found it interesting to find out all about hazing, and how far people would take it, also what people are willing to do just to fit in. plus it is also a good love story!

About as realistic as The Little Mermaid

Yes, I came from my university's greek system, but that isn't the reason I think this made-for-TV flick was total crap. The whole thing is just stupid overall. I can assure you that no men are allowed in the sorority house rooms, aside from the atrium/living room, at any time. Trust me, I was your average college guy who would have LOVED to have seen the rest of the house but it flat out wasn't allowed. Not only that, but the alcohol in the house would have resulted in a chapter shutdown. I've seen it happen and it's not a pretty sight. The glaring stupidity that makes the movie look unrealistic is the ridiculous part where the cops just happen to be waiting for the girl who has marijuana planted in her car. Amazing how sorority girls got the stuff so easily. Not only that, but she is just let off with a warning??!!?!?!?!? What the hell is that? They let off DRUG POSSESSION SUSPECTS with a WARNING?!?!?!?!? Was this flick made in Fantasyland?

This was the worst portrayal of college life since Higher Learning. Anyone who recommends watching a stupid made-for-TV movie before "allowing" their college-aged (and therefore legally adult) children to join an organization needs to find a more credible source. This was as much like my college as Saved By the Bell was like my high school.
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