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After two CSA agents assassinate their mentors but don't remember the crimes, master puzzle-solver Cathy Davis, a.k.a. Jane Doe, connects the incidents to a secret government experiment in mind control. Now, Cathy must quickly uncover who is behind this murderous mission -- before the next agent kills.


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Nutty conspiracy theories

Mind control with trigger words taking place back in the 90's. CSA (you mean CIA?) illegal black ops in the Soviet Afghan war. The characters talks about these things not only with a straight face, but like is everyday stuff in their business.

Whodunnit? There were some clues to chase and question marks for a while, but somewhere about half way it became pretty obvious.

Cathy's family stuff is just about as lame. Susan was irrelevant in this one, but Nick is the real James Bond, at least as far as poker face and swagger. Jack is a bit of a wimp.

The ending is the cliché get all the suspects in a room and confront them one by one.

Somehow, despite the lameness I never really thought about turning it off so there was at least some entertainment.

Oh Doe

This is another amiable but undemanding entry to the Jane Doe series.

Lea Thompson is comfortable in the role as Cathy, the housewife turned CIA agent who ends up investigating black op agents going on a killing spree through some kind of mind control and trigger words.

Her partner Frank (Joe Penny) is also getting some uncomfortable flashbacks of his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The film has shades of The Manchurian Candidate but for a family audience. We have some red herrings such as a suspect who uses hypnosis so he can have an audience who can listen to his karaoke singing.

This cable movie is pretty formulaic and by the numbers. There are side plots such as Cathy's husband trying to bag a tycoon as a client for his public relations firm, but the tycoon is obnoxious and he cannot see that. The family also has to deal with their son who has won money by illegal card games. These side plots just get in the way.

Kill On Command

If you can accept the idea of a soccer mom/secret agent as we did in The Scarecrow and Mrs. King than this series shouldn't be too bad. But this particular film where we've got one group of CIA agents who were doing their Black Ops thing while under some hypnosis and another group of them who at the utterance of a control word start killing the ones who had been in Afghanistan than you'll accept anything.

This is the particular mystery that our soccer mom agent Lea Thompson is asked to unravel. It hits close to home when her partner starts having Afghan flashbacks and another agent tries to shoot him as well.

Of course Lea solves the case and goes back to the burbs and her husband William R. Moses and his more ordinary problems involving their town council. Lea's character is most engaging and I confess this is the first I saw of her series of films as agent Jane Doe. I do hope the others are better.
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