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At a book signing for his best seller, Nicholas Howarth is confronted by sexy Teresa Smith, who says he stole the story when he was her teacher in a woman's prison. Teresa has killed before and won't be stopped as she sets out to destroy Nicholas's reputation, his marriage and his life in her goal to write the final chapter of Honor Student.


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At least the subject matter is different

This Lifetime psycho thriller is a bit different from the usual romantic attachment themes. The psycho wants credit and royalties from a book her teacher wrote that she gave the idea for. I am a fan of Josie Loren from that gymnastics show. She acts quite well as the psycho- like a femme fatale version of Eva Longoria.Worth a watch.

bad TV movie ends even worst

Teresa Smith is one of the inmates attending Nicholas Howarth's writing class. Nick draws out a story from her which turns out to be the murder she committed. He uses that story and writes a best selling book. Five years later, he's happily married to Lana. She's newly pregnant but reluctant to tell him the news. Then Teresa comes back into his life wanting recognition and half of the money for her story.

Nick is such a pathetic character that he makes it hard to sit through. Teresa is a good psycho character but there are so many issues. At least, Nick eventually goes to the sheriff about the ex con stalking him. It's almost salvaged until Teresa hits herself with the ketchup bottle. It is one of the silliest staged event. The movie cannot recover and then the story nosedives in one of the most ridiculous endings. Talk about writer's block. I've never seen it portrayed in that way although originality is no saving grace in this case. This is really bad.

The unexpected but surely the explained~

This movie was terrific, suspenseful, well acted and had serious twists. But most of all this movie was INSPIRING! As a writer, we all face the occasional "block", but on occasion, we know in our hearts what we want to say, sometimes it is the belief that we can't do it and so we stagnate and procrastinate, it is so hard to START! This movie held special meaning for me, as I am in this exact position. But the ending was super fantastic and goes to show that even as social perceptions of jailbirds, felons, ex-cons, and prisoners, there is something great in all of us just dying to get out! I was captivated by this movie! I am compelled now to start my own story! Well done and thank you for such an inspiration! I am grateful! LadyAnn68
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