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Drama | Music
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7.7 / 10 
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Directors: Justin Baldoni [Director] ,

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Seventeen-year-old Zach Sobiech is a fun-loving high school senior with raw musical talent. But a few weeks into his senior year, just after asking out his long-time crush, Zach's world gets turned upside down when he finds out his cancer has spread, leaving him with a life expectancy of just six months. With the limited time he has left, he and his best friend and writing partner, Sammy, decide to follow their dreams and finally make an album. Little do they know, they'll soon become a viral music phenomenon. But with time running out, Zach is confronted with the reality that no matter how he spends his time, he is going to hurt the people he loves the most, including Amy, the love of his life. As Zach's health condition begins to worsen, he is left to make difficult decisions about how to spend his time and more importantly with whom. Ultimately, he discovers the best way to say goodbye is with music, and his hit song CLOUDS is born. With an unfiltered, heartbreaking, and beautiful ...


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Sooooo Good!

As a parent that has had 2 kids graduate from Stillwater High School & 2 currently there, I am very aware of Zach's story and I thought Disney did an exceptional job telling it. This was an incredible movie and one I would highly recommend. Just make sure you have tissues ready!!


Wow this movie was amazing. I couldn't hold my tears, especially at the end. It's sad how a lot of movies like these aren't as popular as before but this movie definetly deserves love. It was very touching and now I see how Zach Zobiech left a mark in the world.

great performance

I'm from Europe and didn't know the real story, but this is one of few movies that really got to me.I cried pretty hard and that doesn't often happen to me.

obviously based on a true events but the way the caracters grab you,make you feel the same as they do is a gift.
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