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Adventure | Drama
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24 fps
Telugu 2.0  
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140 min
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6 / 10 
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Directors: Sankalp Reddy [Director] ,

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An Indian satellite Mihira is on a collision course with international space center which could trigger a chain reaction and lead to a global communications blackout. It's up to a team of astronauts from India to prevent this and the movie is about their struggles and how they overcome them. A key role is played by the lead actor Varun Tej who has to come back from a self imposed exile to make this mission possible, while there are a few questions about his real motives.


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The producers, writers, and director of this film obviously didn't have the slightest inkling concerning spaceflight, or even basic physics. The thing is so full of illogical sequences and glaring plot holes that it's painful to watch.

Then throw in some very annoying character development and unconvincing motivations to add to the mess.

In retrospect I can't fathom why I watched 2/3 of it... probably due to my love of science fiction and a vain home that it might get better. I fast-forwarded through the final 1/3, sampling scenes that just revealed the same repetitive garbage.

One star + a second star for acceptable (not great) special effects.

Worst sci-fi movie I've ever seen

In sci-fi, you expect a "what if...?" situation to be explored, but you don't want it to be too far from reality. Unfortunately, this whole movie doesn't make sense at all. They tried to make a super production, but the ignorance in science and space exploration, the problems solving themselves for no reason, and the misplaced values of the characters, made them miss the target from like, a million light-years. Can be entertaining if you like really bad movies, though.

Must watch

Must watch film for those who like unique movies don't expect comedy, item song, romance Ok we need to encourage this type of movies too watch and appreciate the whole team of antariskham.
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