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Mystery | Thriller
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120 min
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5.5 / 10 
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Directors: John Terlesky [Director] ,

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After a car accident, a woman with a seemingly perfect life begins to have visions that suggest she is not who she thinks she is.


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A Thriller which isnt suitable for the kids!

Given that eventually you discover a serial killer, the only thing you need to ask is "which one". It isn't obvious and it could be either/or. Its actually a very entertaining film albeit one which becomes obvious part way thru as to the identity of the individual who enjoys killing and why that person enjoys killing. Sadly, like most of these films in the modern era too many have to die before the murderer is caught, but if you can stand the tension-which is there, this is a good thriller for an evening provided the kids aren't around

An uncomplicated, yet surprisingly good thriller

This film draws you in quickly. Although I felt sure that I knew what the basic plot elements were, I was wrong. The acting was above-average and the ending was quite surprising. Just when you think you know what the ending will be, it takes another turn--almost a prerequisite for Lifetime Movies!

However, I found the plot to be a bit unbelievable. I don't think it was very realistic, but it didn't detract from the movie too much, as you might expect.

I enjoyed this film because it kept up a good pace throughout and kept me guessing. I never once looked at the clock, wondering how much longer I had to endure. I was entertaining three different possible endings for this film, almost right up until the last few minutes. All in all, it was not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on a cold winter's night.

Loved the movie, but highly predictable

Okay, let me start off by saying the way this movie was made and drawn together made it a very highly addicting film to watch. At first, it may appear to be an overly happy movie, but it does take a dark turn towards the middle.

Though my only compliant would be within the first five minutes my mother and I were sitting watching it and guessed the entire plot to it without even looking at the description of the movie. So yes, it is highly predictable, but the plot is so interesting and rare that you will love it.

But don't expect any surprises.

Though the ending is surely got its "lifetime movie" vibe to it, the rest is very good and suspenseful.

I give it a 8/10 and that says a lot!
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