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An in-depth look at how the United States government handled the response to the COVID-19 outbreak during the early months of the pandemic.


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Biased take but honest about it.

There is no secret that during this culture war the simple minded rural and city populations are taking their cues from Fox News and CNN to form their opinions. This "documentary" nitpicks every decision Trumps administration did but conveniently forgets all the good, they only mention Fauci and Birks when it suits the overall narrative but not when they gave positive marks to Trumps response. They make it seem like this "pandemic" is killing people by the millions, but most experts months ago said that if at this point we were 200k then we've done literally EVERYTHING perfectly. The media is fueling the hysteria for ratings and documentaries like this are just another log in the fire, what was particularly jarring was how they were quick to demonize the right in the beginnings stages of the virus, but forget how every left wing news agency and politician was telling people how xenophobic Trump was being and to go to Chinatown and hug asians... That alone speaks volumes for the biases of this documentary, they make it seem like Trump's administration is solely at fault when China should be held accountable for not only trying to cover it up but not following outbreak protocols and infecting the world. Either way this is just by unbiased take.

tl;dr Technically sound if not completely biased propaganda documentary.


Surprise! Trump is a liar. Doc is well done. I was tuned in to every moment. I hope he goes from the White House to the big house. He deserves life in prison for what he and his administration have done the last 4 years. This was released ahead of the presidential election for a reason. Please vote for Biden. He's our only hope of getting Trump out of office.

heartbreaking truths laid out for the viewer

Much of what is covered in the film is known, or could be known with some research. The value of Totally Under Control is the way the film lays out, step by step, the timeline of this tragedy. Here's hoping that we do, in fact, learn from this horror show and take steps to be better prepared for future emergencies, whether pandemics or other natural disasters. The more the public questions leaders and demands transparency, the better.
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