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Action | Sport
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23.976 fps
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98 min
IMDB Rating:
8.5 / 10 
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Directors: Jesse Quinones [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Reiss is the greatest champion to ever fight in a LEGENDS cage. But when promoter Max Black pits him against wrestling superstar Randy Stone, Reiss finds himself in the toughest fight of his life.


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Great sports film

Everything you need in an action film, enjoyed the fights and training scenes.

Poor man's Rocky

Basically a poor man's Rocky but with UFC.

Poor acting, predictable story line. Avoid

Great acting and good story line.

This was by far the best mma movie ever. The story line plus The way Chuck Liddell coached and how he interacted with everything it made it look real and a good movie. I know it's not a 4.5 rating so that's wrong and need a to be changed. The fighters in the movie are great and make it to where your licked in and can't wait to see them fight. This is a must see movie.
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