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Comedy | Drama
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114 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Sudhir Mishra [Director] ,

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Tormented with his 'under-privileged' societal status, a father capitalizes on his son's newfound fame as a boy-genius. Little does he realize that the secret he harbors will destroy the very thing he loves the most.


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Too slow

I was bored while watching thisBut the film is very goodNawazuddin sir nailed as usual

What a Movie...

I think if you not have a father's prospection and if you have not that mature mind than you are not allow to write this movie review. Whoever writing the bad review the don't love their father at all. This movie all about of love of a father who has a great thought about his next generation. Extremely talented story and awesome screenplay. Lots of real talented actors. For me this will be the most memorable film for rest of my life.

A dark satirical drama

Serious Men is a dark satirical drama based on a book by Manu Joseph. The association of Nawazuddin with Netflix continues to deliver quality cinema. Few weeks ago we had seen in movie Pareeksha how a rickshaw puller goes to every extent to secure his child's future. Now we have Nawaaz playing a backward tamil guy willing to take any step to do the same.This is one of the best works from Sushir Mishra in recent years. The sharp storytelling not only sheds light on the cast and class divide existing in our society but also talks about aspirations of Indian parents. The expectations they have from their children & the pressure it creates on a child killing his childhood forms the crux of the story.Somebody rightly said Nawaaz is our national treasure and you are constantly reminded of this fact while watching the film. He is in top form here supported brilliantly by the child actor Aakshath Das. Its a delight watching both of them as a father son duo. Rest of the cast is good in their respective roles. Serious Men adds to the repertoire of Nawaaz and is a relevant watch which doesn't fail to entertain. Do not miss this one on Netflix.
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