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After years of helping their hubbies climb the ladder of success, three wives have been dumped for newer, curvier models. But the trio is determined to turn their pain into gain. They come up with a cleverly devious plan to hit their exes where it really hurts, in the wallet. Sit back and watch the sparks fly as The Wives get mad, get even, and get it all. Justice has seldom been so sweet. Or so much fun.


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Very Fun!

After their college friend's suicide, 3 women find themselves dumped by their husbands for various reasons and they decide to team up to get back at them for all the pain they've caused.

A fantastic cast featuring Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton keep this from feeling like just another retread of 9 to 5. There are several great one liners and many laugh out loud sequences. Just wait until Goldie shows back up with her new plastic surgery. Special appearances by Sarah Jessica Parker and Maggie Smith only help and the final musical number is cinematic joy.

You don't own me!

Such a fun movie! Hawn, Midler, and Keaton shine as three jaded women who decide to get back at their ex husbands in the most boss way. The first wives club has laughs, drama, and heartfelt moments. The scene on the window washer is comedy gold. The storyline has a good pace and doesn't try to get too complicated.


The First Wives Club is such a wonderful movie with a wonderful cast including the storyline. It has love, heartache, tons of laughter and revenge!!!! Shot beautifully!!!
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