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On the night he retires as a Reno, Nevada detective, Jerry Black (Jack Nicholson) pledges to the mother of a murdered girl that he will find the killer. Jerry doesn't believe the Police arrested the right man. He discovers that this is the third incident in the area in the recent past with victims young, blonde, pretty, and small for their ages. So he buys an old gas station in the mountains near the crimes in order to search for a tall man who drives a black station wagon, gives toy porcupines as gifts, and calls himself "the wizard", all clues from a drawing by the dead girl. Jerry's solitary life gives way to friendship with a woman and her small, blonde daughter. Has Jerry neglected something that may prove to be fatal?


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Think twice before you watch this one.

My summary is NOT because I disliked "The Pledge". However, two things about the movie make it very tough viewing. The story is about a sicko who rapes and murders children. This is NOT an easy thing to watch. Additionally, there is an absolutely horrific scene...and my wife bailed on the movie following it...and she's not especially squeamish. You see what looks very real as a man shoots himself in the head...blood and all! Be forewarned...this is not an easy picture.

Jerry Black (Jack Nicholson) is a police chief who is retiring. His final case involves the rape and murder of a second grader...and he takes the parents anguish to heart and pledges to find the killer. Although he's now retired, he spends his retirement searching for the person responsible...and it appears as if they've killed several times already.

There is much more to the story than this and the bulk of the film is Black post-retirement...and his life and the plot unfolds very slowly and lovingly. You really like the guy and care for those around him. And, that brings me to a disappointing thing about the picture. I really loved it to this point (despite the suicide and the squicky plot)...the finale really felt unsatisfying and vague. The reasons for this are in the IMDB trivia...the studio ran out of money! This also might make it tough to watch...or at least frustrating. It's a real shame, as I really, really liked the performances and the actors deserved better.

Gripping and thrilling remake directed by Sean Penn from classic Spanish/German film by Ladislao Vadja

The ¨Pledge¨ is an awesome movie with tension , thriller , chills and extraordinary performances with special mention to starring Jack Nicholson who does a superb acting . It's a remake from vintage Switzerland/Spain/German co-production titled ¨The Bait¨ (1958) directed by Ladislao Vadja with Heinz Ruhmann , Maria Rosa Salgado , Michael Simon and Gert Frobe . This haunting movie based on a Fredrich Durrenmatt novel concerns about a detective ( an obstinate Jack Nicholson in similar role played by Heinz Ruhmann ) who on the day of his retirement becomes involved in the case of a little girl's killing . The retiring police chief pledges the parents ( Patricia Clarson and Michael O'Keefe in brief performances ) to catch the killer of the young child . Detective Jerry Black has made a promise he can't break, to catch a killer he can't find . At the beginning appears as suspect an unfortunate vagrant , a retarded Native trapper ( incomparable Benicio Del Toro in the role of Michael Simon ). But the Nevada police detective doesn't believe the police detained the right man ; he investigates this is the third incident in the zone in the recent past with victims young , blond, pretty, and small for their age . He gets some clues from a drawing by the killed girl , as the murderous can be a tall man who drives a black car , gives toy porcupines as gifts, and calls himself the wizard . In order to search the killer , the police buys a gas station to Floyd ( Harry Dean Stanton ) and takes employee a separated woman ( a sweet Robin Wright who married Sean Penn ) with a daughter, being his intention of use them as bait for the cruel murderous . The police detective trying to trap a child killer , at the same time his mind on the woman and the little girl . It leads to the climax with the presence of the serial killer along with the kid and the possible tragedy.

This is a well crafted movie plenty of suspense , thrills and psychological studio . The picture functions on various levels with superb characters well played by an all-star cast and a well-paced screenplay . Its perfect developing resides not in displays of frenzied action and grisly violence like happen in modern cinema, but rather lies about interesting characters and suspenseful . The story as told in the novel is scary enough , but the picture manages to create an atmosphere of unbearable tension and palpable terror within the enchanting , brightly-lit outdoors of a small location . Colorful and glittering cinematography by Chris Menges - The mission- . Sensible and touching musical score with some wonderful song by Hans Zimmmer and Klaus Badelt . This fine-tuned motion picture is excellently directed by Sean Penn . In my opinion this is one of the best films to come out of America in the decade of the 2000 .If you like thoughtful and brooding films that are exciting and rich pace with rhythm but no displaying a great deal of action, you'll like this one. Penn has proved to be a good filmmaker , such as : ¨The Indian runner¨(91) , ¨The crossing guard¨(95) , this ¨The pledge¨(2001) and ¨Into the wild¨ (2002) at his best .

Other movies based this exciting novel are the following : 'The cold light of day' (1995) directed by Rudolf Van Den Berg with Richard E Gant , and as a 1997 TV movie ; and of course the best adaptation the Spain/Switzerland/Germany production titled ¨The Bait¨ (1958) directed by Ladislao Vadja .

A Haunting Film With A Great Soundtrack

Unsatisfying endings usually make for box-office bombs and I suspect this one bombed, too. I don't particularly care for them, myself. I'd rather feel good at the end of the film, but I really liked this movie in a strange kind of way. It's weird but it's original and it stayed with me for several days afterward. On the second viewing, knowing what to expect, it didn't haunt me but it was worth that second look....and probably a third one in a few years, too. I didn't care for some of the anti-Christian tones in here, however. That is my only complaint of the movie. A key character - a minister - is made to look evil (typical film-world bias).

The rest of the film has a lot to offer: a great performance by Jack Nicholson; a very nice music score; good cinematography; interesting characters and a different, almost-shocking twist at the end.

The best part of the film is Nicholson. As usual, Jack is very interesting, playing a low-key role here. The story might be too slow for a lot of folks but it kept my interest all the way. On the second viewing, I appreciated the music even more - a great soundtrack!

If you are looking for a crime film that is different, check this out, but don't blame me if you don't like the ending.
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